Excited car owners celebrated throughout the early hours this morning as the new '65' registration plates rolled out of several showrooms across the UK.

The plate change, which takes place every six months in March and September, has been welcomed by new car buyers who have taken to social media site to share their new digits.

Harold Wood Audi in Essex and the Peter Vardy BMW and Mini dealership in Edinburgh met the Big Ben's midnight strike with plate handovers.



The September plate revision sees the third and fourth numbers, also known as the 'age identifier', of the registration number change from 15 to 65.


The easiest way to remember how the six month change works is to think of March as the year and September as the year plus 50. For example:

'15' in March 2015 and '65' in September 2015

'16' in March 2016 and '66' in September 2016

'17' in March 2017 and '67' in September 2017.

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