A poll has revealed that almost two thirds of motorists believe their insurance premiums should be cheaper if they have a dash cam, according to Motorpoint.

The survey carried out by the car supermarket shows that 68 per cent of the 1,085 people that took part in the online study feel they should receive discounts from insurance companies for having a camera installed into their vehicle.

Dash cams have grown significantly in the UK in recent years, with about three per cent of all drivers currently using one. They are designed to automatically turn on and record once the car begins to drive.

Mark Carpenter, Managing Director of Motorpoint, said: "The results of the Motorpoint online poll have highlighted the need for insurers to review their policies in the light of the sheer number of dash cams being installed by drivers at their own expense to protect their premiums against the so-called 'crash for cash' scammers."

Dash cams film a driver's view of the road and are often used to guard against scams such as 'crash for cash' with insurers now accepting footage from a cameras as evidence during the claims process.

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