Above is a picture of the 2012 Mercedes E-Class AMG coupe, which is getting a facelift for 2013. There’s a brand-new front end, new stylish rear side panels, and a modified rear view. Almost everything will be new, modern and better looking.

Like all the E-Class models, you can expect the usual luxuries, such as power front seats, dual - zone climate control, leather seats, and a powerful audio system.

There are some changes with the twin headlamp found on the current E-Class model. Instead there will only be a single headlamp which will include the LED daytime running lights that sit separately on the bumper of the current car model.

There’s also going to be some slight changes with the dashboard like a modified center console, new 3-spoke and 4-spoke steering wheel models and new air vents.

And there’s more: Distronic plus radar, attention assist, car-to-x communication, stereo camera, congestion assistant, and improved night assistant. Complimenting these features in the cabin there’ll be additional color and trim choices, and a new head-up display.

You can expect performance similar to previous models. It’s a facelift, not a heart transplant. That being said, the engine is expected to have increased fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. The E 350 variant will have around 354 hp, whereas the range-topping E 500 could deliver at least 435 hp, maybe more.

The new Mercedes E-Class facelift will go on sale early winter or spring 2013, with prices starting from around £30,000.

Author Dave Valence works for DMV.com, an informational resource about driving and licensing issues.

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