The SMMT have upgraded their new car sales forecast for 2013 by 3% and AutoeBid has achieved its best month of sales in April 2013 highlighting this trend.

The UK car market continues to out perform the rest of Europe in regards to new car sales, mainly due to outstanding new car deals. Investment in the UK automotive sector would therefore seem to be a sound investment. However, this does not seem to be reflected in investments. The SMMT also announced new car registrations had one of their best increases since 2008 with a 14.8% increase in April.

Kia Sportage deals made the Sportage one of the best-selling car for AutoeBid in April continuing a trend of car buyers looking for great new car deals, both in terms of value for money and additional discounts available through the likes of AutoeBid. Kia as a manufacturer is continuing to grow market share rapidly offering real quality, with style and extended peace of mind with their seven year warranties.

More and more car buyers are now looking at the total ownership costs of their next new car, although most buyers only expect to keep their car for three years, it's always reassuring to know if buyers decided to keep their car for longer you don’t need to worry about those potential large costs, if something goes wrong. Furthermore, when owners sell their car, Kia will allow owners to fully transfer the warranty, so after three years owners can sell their car with a four-year remaining manufacturers warranty, what’s not to like about that.

The Ford Fiesta, the New Skoda Octavia and the new Golf also helped AutoeBid to grow sale in April. The market in the UK represents outstanding value for money with the largest amount of new vehicles available all competing for custom and market growth.

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