Order books opemn for Golf VII BlueMotion

The most efficient Golf starts at £20,335 for the 3-door and £20,990 for the 5-door, and whilst Volkswagen hasn’t yet confirmed when deliveries will begin, they expect buyers who place orders now to take delivery of their car in August, with outstanding new car deals from AutoeBid.

The combination of outstanding fuel economy, practicality and the Golf’s trademark class-defying desirability made the previous BlueMotion a success, and the new car’s theoretical range of 970 miles does nothing to dent this appeal. This equates to around ten refills a year for the average motorist, a remarkable statistic considering the car’s relatively small 50-litre fuel tank.

Such incredible efficiency is the result of weight saving measures (26kg less in the running gear and 37kg in the body), as well as super low rolling resistance tyres running at a higher pressure, longer gear ratios, stop/start engine technology and a battery regeneration system. The BlueMotion’s engine is also subject to minor modifications.

BlueMotion models are identifiable as they sit lower to the road than other Golf variants and feature a roof spoiler, masked front grille and ‘BlueMotion’ badges on the front and rear. Sitting in Band A, the new BlueMotion is also free of road tax, and, for now at least, also avoids London’s congestion zone charge despite developing 110bhp from its 1.6-litre turbodiesel.

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