The act of parking directly outside the property of your next-door neighbour is one of the biggest sources of hostility between the pair of you, according to a new survey.

The survey results show that three-quarters of neighbours fall out over parking disputes, with even 54% of motorists claiming they have took the situation even further by getting the police involved in a bid to resolve the rowing.

Some touchy car owners have even took to blocking their space with bikes or bins, painting house numbers on the road and even painting their own no parking message in one last attempt to stop their neighbours from snapping up their spots.

But, for one 72-year-old resident of Longbridge, Birmingham, this protective step proved one too many as she was threatened with legal action by Birmingham City Council in March.

Motorists who haven't took to the paintbrush have fitted CCTV cameras in order to keep tabs on their space, while the survey results also showed that one in 100 drivers have fitted the ultimate parking deterrent: a special lockable post.

The research carried out by OSV finds that nearly seven in 10 (69%) claim they have tried to stop neighbours from parking a vehicle in what they claim is their space, as well as that the chances of neighbours getting involved in parking disputes is three-times as likely if they are male.

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