New car sales for the UK in 2015 has a positive outlook as suggested by Mike Allen a stockbroker from Zeus Capital. The reason behind the expected growth is because the UK new car market has a very favourable risk-reward ratio. The ongoing consolidation will provide the required “additional growth kicker” to give the market a boost.

The sector is going to move into mid-cycle, and during this phase the growth rates will be steady because of its progress in moving out of the recovery phase. Mike Allen goes on to suggest that 4 out 5 car registrations are as a result of PCP sales, which is one of the main components to the surge of new car sales.

The buying cycles are short which means the new car sector has not yet reached its peak. This is comparable to the US car market because of how enticing financing offers are for customers.

The only concern in this sector is the pricing pressure that may be created as a result of higher supply in the used car market. However, new car dealers do have solid pricing structures in place to offer their customers.

Therefore, if the new car market can outperform the used car one it will have a much easier time experiencing growth.

A selection of new cars for 2015



Advantages: Has a stylish finish that does justice to the Mercedes brand, the 3,000rpm’s provide an attractive tailpipe sound, excellent body control and the rigorous performance testing means it’s a reliable model.

Disadvantages: lacks the feel during steering that you will find in a Porsche 911 and storage space is limited due to the shallow boot.

Summary: the 0 to 62mph that you can achieve in 4 seconds as a result of the 456bhp GT engine is an enjoyable experience. It looks stylish and makes for a good day-to-day car even though it’s a sport model.


Jaguar XE Deals

Jaguar XE

Advantages: the aluminium bodywork will makes this a lightweight model, has advanced safety features and an exquisite interior.

Disadvantages: Top speed limited to 155mph

Summary: the 340bhp V8 engine will provide a big surge of energy that’s going to manoeuvre the lightweight aluminium body to its will. The stylish look and high quality interior are just some of the features that make this car a special buy.

Jaguar XE Deals

BMW 2 Series Deals

BMW 2 Series

Advantages: Great economy and performance, stylish interior, balanced handling and honed.

Disadvantages: diesel refinement is below par, pricey options, could be better equipped.

Summary: for BMW enthusiasts you’ll find that this series is more appealing and functional than the Peugeot RCZ, or the Audi TT. The overall quality of this series provides value and style.

BMW 2 Series Deals


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