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According to a number of leading industry experts including Adrian Rushmore, Glass’s managing editor and Mike Pilkington, Manheim Remarketing’s managing director the UK is going to see a large increase in pre-registered vehicles hitting the market largely due to poor sales within Europe (excluding the UK) and the strong pound.

This is likely to lead to over supply in THE UK reducing new car prices and enabling consumers to obtain fantastic new car deals for cars in stock.

UK new car registrations have been showing large increases in new vehicle sales especially within the retail market however there is growing concern into the reliability of these figurers as there is not an accurate way to verify how many vehicles are pre-registered.

Gareth Hession, who is the vice president for research at auto industry forecaster JATO, told Reuters: “I have to admit I was surprised how high self-registrations are. "It seems that people are burying their head in the sand."

David Raistrick, who is the UK manufacturing leader at Deloitte, said: “The continuing growth in new car sales in the UK, compared to increasing pressure due to tough economic conditions, which is resulting in reducing sales elsewhere, is starting to raise questions in global markets.

"This has led to recent suggestions from both retailers and industry insiders that an increase in pre-registration of new cars is perhaps distorting the level of growth being reported in the UK market, particularly in respect of private sales."

It has been indicated that pre-registrations on new vehicles were up 76% for the first 2 quarters of 2012 over the same period last year.

As you would have expected growth is dominated by small economical cars with the Ford Fiesta continuing to dominate growth in this market.

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