AutoeBid has previously highlighted how the new Evoque is a leader in its class and offers great value for money. Most new cars in the market are available with great  new car deals, however, it has taken nearly 2 years to obtain Range Rover Evoque deals.

The entry New Range Rover Evoque 2.2 eD4 Pure 5d 2WD is available at maximum price £27,766 a minimum saving of £1,419. All the way up-to the 2.2 SD4 Dynamic 3d Auto at a maximum price of £43,553 a minimum saving of £2,342.

In addition to the new car discount now available on the Evoque, the delivery times have now improved drastically. This may be partly due the factory producing new cars around the clock or just Range Rover getting their act together and finally being able to build enough cars to meet demand.

Delivery times were averaging around 4 months however now clients can hope to get into one to their exact specification in around 8-10 weeks or better still, obtain one from stock as some dealers are now able to offer these from stock.

Range Rover are still however not able to keep up with demand across the rest of their range, this may be due to far more demand than they are able to cope with for the stunning range of new models launched this year. The huge success with Range Rover across the globe does also mean UK buyers may well be put in the same queue as buyers from the Far East, Africa, and South America.


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