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Rolec EV has been a go-to for those who want the best of both worlds when using EV home chargers: they are competitively priced and at the same time are of superior quality in terms of functionality.

Rolec EV offers a slew of home chargers. These are all certificated by the British Standards Institution as safe to use in the domestic environment. All are designed IP65 Weatherproof & UV Stabilised, as well as corrosion-resistant, fire retardant, and impact resistant.

These Rolec EV home chargers are namely:

The WallPod:EV HomeSmart

The WallPod:EV HomeSmart is a smart charging unit which has been designed to provide the user with a simple, mobile phone interactive EV charging solution for the home

The WallPod:EV HomeSmart offers tethered and socketed units.  Among the additional features of the WallPod:EV HomeSmart is the built-in modem and high gain GPRS signal antenna; GPRS communication and back office connectivity; built-in roaming sim card that connects directly to the strongest signal; back office management; and smart charging control via the smartphone app.

WallPod: EV Ready

The WallPod:EV Ready unit is the ideal unit for the homebuilder. At a low cost, EV Ready already provides a future-proof solution charging in Mode 2 format, which is easily upgradable to full Mode 3 or fast charging mode.


Socket: 13A domestic outdoor maintenance socket

Rated Output: Up to 2kW

Rated Current:13A

Input Voltage: 230V AC/50Hz (Single Phase)

Overload & Fault Current Protection: Built-in 16A 30mA Type A/C RCBO

Incoming Cable Terminals: 16mm earth

WallPod: EV

The WallPod: EV range is a low-cost, entry-level charging unit. It is Rolec EV's most prestigious domestic EV charging unit yet. It is designed to offer full Mode 3 fast charging to every Electric Vehicle on the market. It is applicable for a grant from the Office of Low Emission vehicles grant.

The WallPod:EV offers tethered and socketed units. Their charging speeds range from 3.6kW or 16A to 7.2kW or 32A. Both types also have a built-in overload and fault current protection.

WallPod: EV SolarCharge

The WallPod:EV SolarCharge is a cost-efficient EV charging solution especially intended for homeowners who have, or have future plans to install, a home solar panel array.

EV SolarCharge has a host of features unique to other solar-charging capable EV chargers. The most notable are the two charging modes: Solar + Grid Charge and Solar Only.

The Solar + Grid Charge tracks the solar power being generated, highlights it on the data screen, and fills any power deficit with power from the grid. Meanwhile, the Solar Only monitors and tracks the energy being generated by the home's solar array and limits the charge provided to the EV. This mode can also meet precisely the amount of power produced by the panels.

WallPod: EV SolarCharge also incorporates a summary data screen where it displays a lot of useful information. It displays the charging activity and shows whether the charging is sourced from the grid, exclusively from the home's solar panels, or a combination of both. It also presents historical charging activity, including total charging kWs, the actual percentage of charging provided by the sun, and the amount of carbon dioxide saved.

WallPod: EV MultiMode

This range comprises entry-level home charging units designed to offer full Mode 3, 16amp (3.6kW) or 32amp (7.2 kW) fast charging to all-electric vehicles.

Some of its additional features include an essential switch control charging; lockable door to switchgear; amp-elector key switch to switch between 16A or 32A; charge-by-solar switch to switch between rated currents specifically 6A, 13A, 16A or 32A; and a charge point signage.


Charging Cable Length 5m

Input Voltage 230V AC/50Hz (Single Phase)

Overload & Fault Current Protection Built-in 30mA Type A RCBO & 6mA DC

Sensitive Device 20A 40A 20A 40A

Smart system

Drivers have control over the charging activity of their Rolec EV chargers using their mobile phone. Through this mechanism, users can monitor or record all their charging activity, with additional insight on data and history.

Rolec EV's smart app automatically captures off-peak rates by charging your car and automatically integrating any home energy tariff.

Besides being easy to use and easy to set up, the Rolec EV app gives you full control over your EV charging. It provides real-time charging activity and provides notifications. It also offers other analytical insights such as the total energy consumption, historical data, CO2 savings, exportable charging data,

Its advanced features include off-peak optimisation, green charging, grid services, and fleet management.

To sum, it's an easy way to save money and reduce your carbon emissions when charging your EV.

Purchase and installation

HomeSmart EV is simple to order as it can be done online. Installation can be completed within seven to ten working days by a Rolec EV approved installer. Once installed, setting up can take up less than two minutes, as is typically the case.

Customers requesting a new charger can enjoy a dedicated software and hardware technical support; a three-year hardware warranty; and three-year connectivity and support from After the three years, customers are free to either continue, but with applicable charges, or cancel the subscription.

Rolec EV: Company Overview

Rolec EV is a unit of the EV Rolec Services Ltd. which has been manufacturing electrical equipment for nearly three decades. Just last June, the Rolec EV hit the 150,000-mark for its production of EV charging points. The company is tagged as the largest independent EV charge point manufacturer in the UK.

Rolec EV has a full suite of products that cater to different users, whether it be for use at home, at a commercial or workspace, or on the streets. Its products are categorized in series according to their types: Wallmounted, BasicCharge; Ultra-Fast Charging; SecuriCharge; StreetServ; AutoCharge; and Quantum. The Rolec EV product range is designed and built to be flexible and compatible with all leading EVs, as well as with all types and modes of charging.

Rolec EV's mission statement is to provide "Quality, Reliability and Innovation."

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