The RSCPA has rolled out the first of six new short wheelbase CR30 2.0-litre TDI 136 PS BlueMotion Crafter vans, marking the fruition of a three-year partnership between the charity and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Thousands of vulnerable animals will be saved across England and Wales thanks to the partnership, as the partnership is designed to transport 20,000 animals in need of care all over the country.

This will save the charity £800,000 a year, and allows them to give treatment to more animals in need of veterinary care.

Special adjustments have been made to the vans in order to meet the RSCPA's requirements, the load-space is now fully sealed with a spray-on waterproof liner in order to enable the charity's workers to easily wash out the vans after use, as well as the roofs of the vans being fitted with a 'Flettner Ventilator', in order to provide the animals in the back with a constant stream of fresh air.

Chris Black, Head of Fleet for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: "This partnership with the RSPCA demonstrates our ongoing commitment to working with Britain's businesses and organisations.

VW van at Leybourne RSPCA rescue centre (Maidstone) photo Sean Aidan. VW van at Leybourne RSPCA rescue centre (Maidstone) photo Sean Aidan.

"It's great to be able to work with the RSPCA in this way and we are proud to have been chosen by them.

Operational benefits for the RSPCA include low whole-life and running costs, and a fuel efficient engine that returns 39.8mpg (combined) and emits only 187g/km of C02 - helping to save on fuel costs and reduce the fleet's impact on the environment.

Matthew Cull, the RSPCA's High Value Giving Manager, said: "The impact this commitment from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will have on the day-to-day management of our core animal welfare activity is huge.

"The Networking Project allows our staff on the frontline at animal centres to make the best decisions and use all our available resources in the most cost effective and efficient way. The Crafters are key to making this happen."

The vans have also all been wrapped in the colourful winning designs of school children, who were challenged to design the outside as part of a nationwide competition.

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