Car users say Volvo is the highest ranking premium brand when it comes to customer satisfaction with vehicle service, according to a J.D Power report.

A survey measured on customer satisfaction with their service experience at a franchised dealer facility for maintenance and repair work reveals that the Swedish brand earned a score of 779, with satisfaction calculated on a 1,000-point scale.

The J.D. Power 2015 UK Customer Service Index (CSI) study examines five measures: service quality (26%); service initiation (23%); service advisor (19%); vehicle pick-up (17%); and service facility (16%).

Volvo is followed by Land Rover (767) and Audi (762) in the premium brand rankings, while Honda ranks highest among volume brands in satisfaction with a score of 768. Ranked joint second are Suzuki and Toyota with 759, and Kia and Skoda rank fourth in a tie with 758.

The survey results have come as a surprise, as Dr. Axel Sprenger, senior director of European automotive operations at J.D. Power, suggests they go against the grain.

"The common perception is that the luxury brands are able to deliver a more satisfying customer experience, but the study shows this is not the case," said Dr. Axel Sprenger.

"Any brand and any dealership can provide a consistently positive customer experience if they make it a priority and have the people and processes in place.

"When they do, they likely will see an increase in revenue and will be able to build customer loyalty."

Customers who are satisfied with their dealer service are also more likely to keep loyalty with it according to the CSI Study, with 78% of the 20% of customers who are highly satisfied with their dealer service (overall satisfaction scores of 900 and above) say they "definitely will" return to that dealer to purchase their next vehicle.

Results also show that 85% "definitely will" recommend the dealer to friends and family, much higher than the 36% of customers who are less satisfied (scores of 700-899) that say they would still purchase their next vehicle from that dealer. Only 42% of the less satisfied customers say they "definitely will" recommend the dealer to others.

Other key findings from J.D. Power's research reveal that the main reason for choosing a dealer for service is prior experience with the service department (35%), followed by location (34%) and prior experience with the sales department (32%). Fewer than 3% of customers indicate selecting their service facility due to advertising or promotions/coupons.

Despite only 31% of dealers recommending additional service work for their customers to carry out,  62% of customers take that advice and have the work done. Satisfaction is considerably higher among the customers who are recommended service and have it done, compared with those who do not have the recommended work done (760 vs. 636, respectively).

Customers average around £347 when it comes to spending on the additional work for their vehicle on their service visit, compared with £189 among those who decide not to receive additional work recommendations.

Published by J.D. Power, 2015 UK Customer Service Index (CSI) StudySM. source. Published by J.D. Power, 2015 UK Customer Service Index (CSI) StudySM. source.

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