Summer 2013 Top 10 Convertible Deals

Better late than never, as they say, and it looks as if summer may just be here. Those familiar with convertible cars will know that there’s nothing quite like it. Sounds, smells, motion: everything is amplified for the better, making for memorable journeys even over short distances. Those who haven’t experienced roof-down motoring don’t know what they’re missing, but that can change. Here are some of AutoeBid’s best new car deals on topless cars for the summer, with thousands of pounds of the price of each new car.

Citroen DS3 Cabrio Deals

We like this car a lot. More a Targa top than a full convertible, the DS3 Cabrio nevertheless reeks of character, with vertical LED strips at the front and ‘tunnel’ effect lamps are the rear. The 1.6 THP is the engine to go for, and its strong performance complements an interior that is distinctive but well made.

1.6 THP DSport Plus                        RRP £20,640        AutoeBid £18,895             Saving £1,745

BMW Z4 Deals

One of the prettiest cars in the roadster class, the Z4 benefits from year-round practicality thanks to a hard folding roof. Engines are a strong point for BMW and even the entry-level 2.0 sDrive20i is quick enough. More of a GT car than an out-and-out sports car, the Z4 is versatile, fun and economical.

20i sDrive M Sport Auto                RRP £34,705        AutoeBid £30,264             Saving £4,441

BMW 6-Series Convertible Deals

The Z4’s big brother is one of the best touring cars money can buy, with the 640d returning as much as 50mpg yet emitting a sonorous growl uncharacteristic of diesel engines. Fast and classically elegant, it’s hard to fault the 6-Series Convertible, although the rear seats aren’t as practical as you might hope; a small foible for a brilliant soft-top. Not cheap, but outstanding deals are available.

640d M Sport Auto                          RRP £72,915        AutoeBid £65,946             Saving £6,969

Mercedes-Benz SL Deals

The bad point first: The most recent Mercedes-Benz SL isn’t exactly the prettiest of its kind. Apart from that it’s almost faultless. Extensive use of aluminium has increased performance and fuel economy and the ride is as refined as you would expect. Loaded with technology, this is the definitive touring roadster. An icon.

SL 350 AMG Sport Auto                 RRP £69,925        AutoeBid £58,280             Saving £11,645

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet Deals

The E-Class has recently undergone a considerable facelift, with a more organic and curvaceous design language than the previous car’s pointy aesthetic. It’s worked, and the new car looks better than almost anything else. An unashamed boulevard cruiser, the E-Class falls short against more performance-oriented rivals, but when waftability and looks are what matters most in this kind of car, who cares?

E400 AMG Sport Plus Auto          RRP £49,600        AutoeBid £45,630             Saving £3,970

Audi A5 Cabriolet Deals

The Audi is an interesting rival to the E-Class. Attractive in a more forceful way, it’s set up to be far more sporting, with stiffer suspension and, in certain models, Audi’s tarmac-gripping Quattro all-wheel-drive system. Engines are strong and an aggressive list price plays into the A5 Cabrio’s hands, too.

2.0 TFSI 225 Quattro S Line           RRP £41,805        AutoeBid £37,309             Saving £4,496

Vauxhall Cascada Deals

Don’t write Vauxhall’s first attempt at a premium convertible off to soon. Spacious, refined and kitted out fairly comprehensively, the Cascada is aimed squarely at stealing Audi A5 Cabriolet sales. That’s no easy task, but low prices and conventionally good looks certainly help. Worth a test drive.

2.0 CDTi Bi-Turbo 195 Elite           RRP £29,070        AutoeBid £26,296             Saving £2,774

Aston Martin DB9 Volante Deals

Not a lot needs to be said about the DB9 Volante. That is looks fantastic – perhaps the most beautiful convertible of the modern era – is a given, as is the power of the 6.0-litre V12 engine that sits underneath the elongated bonnet of these brilliantly effective GT cars. Rivals come in the form of Ferrari’s V8 California and the Audi V10 R8, but a more taut exterior design for the new 2013 DB9 moves it on again.

DB9 V12 Volante Auto                   RRP £143,887     AutoeBid £135,117          Saving £8,770

Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet Deals

Volkswagen reinvented classic has been revised for 2013 and focuses more than ever on style. With a range of retro-inspired specifications from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, it won’t be hard to find the right Beetle Cabriolet if that’s what you’re after. Bulletproof VW build quality, strong and efficient engines, and decent refinement make it a desirable package.

2.0 TDI 60s Edition                           RRP £26,830        AutoeBid £24,129             Saving £2,701

Nissan 370Z Roadster Deals

A left-field choice, the burly Nissan is a car built around its engine. In this case a 324bhp 3.7-litre V6. Certainly not the most refined car on this list (in fact, almost certainly the least sophisticated of the lot), the 370Z executes a simple recipe reasonable well: open-top, big engine, rear-wheel-drive. Not one for the faint of heart.

3.7 V6 GT Auto                                  RRP £36,560        AutoeBid £30,979             Saving £5,581

The example deals listed here are not purely illustrative – they exist and can be found in the appropriate manufacturer section on the AutoeBid website. Savings of thousands of pounds are not just common, but usual, as once AutoeBid has your exact specification of vehicle our network of 1,600 UK dealers compete in a reverse auction to offer you the lowest price. There’s no hassle, just the best new car deals in the UK.

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