The saying goes that the dog is a man's best friend, however, the same can't be said for cars.

For dog owners, buying a suitable car that fits the needs of their pet can be tricky. Size, climate control, and tailgates are just a few key considerations that when choosing the pawfect dog-friendly car.

That, combined with abiding to the laws of transporting dogs in vehicles, can be tricky - here we have gathered the key dog-friendly features to contemplate when choosing a well-suited car for your pet.

But first, it is important to know that you should never leave a dog in a parked car, as under 20 minutes in a hot car can prove fatal to a dog.

1: Sunroof

A car with a sunroof allows for fresh air and sunlight to travel throughout the vehicle making for a cooler journey. It also takes away the need to allow your dog to hang its head out of the window in order to stay refreshed.

2: Fold flat seats

Seats that can fold flat, or even be removed, are a great way to easily make room for dogs. Not only do they provide plenty of space, they stop the seats from being covered in muddy paw prints and covered in hairs.

3: Restraining equipment

According to RAC, more than one in four (27%) dog-owning motorists are breaking the law when it comes to transporting their pets by not keeping them restrained when their vehicles are on the road. Avoid this risk by ensuring your vehicle holds adequate restraining equipment such as tie-down hooks and leach loops for harnesses.

4: Pet barrier

Some cars are already fitted with pet barriers that prevent your dog from getting into the front seat, limiting them to the back of the vehicle and out of the way. If your desired car doesn't though, they are available online for around £40.

5: Large boot space

The next best thing for those who are looking at cars that don't feature fold flat seats. Big enough to fit your dog in and allow it to lay down comfortable for longer journeys, as well as other items can save a lot of stress when it comes to transporting your pet on a long journey.

6: Low boot lip

A feature that would make life just that little bit easier for the older and less agile dogs, a low boot lip will allow them to easily jump in unaided. It also helps the driver, too, as it makes it the task of loading crates and other items into the car simpler.

7: Child/dogproof windows and door locks

For those with young children this feature is already a given, however, childproof windows and door locks also work well with lively dogs. They prevent the dog from accidentally opening or closing the window or door.

8: Non-carpeted floor and walls

Dog owners can accept the fact that with a great best friend comes great responsibility, and that includes cleaning up after it. Constantly hoovering fur at home is manageable, but in a car is a harder task due to the confined space. You can avoid this by looking for non-carpeted floor and walls, instead focus on rubber car mats.

9: High roofline

A high roofline can make for a smoother journey as it provides plenty of room for the larger dogs to enjoy. The enlarged space offers freedom for your dog to enjoy while you can focus on the job at the wheel.

10: Sun blinds

Dog owners are advised by the Dogs Trust  to avoid travelling during the heat of the day. However, if there is no other option you should use sun blinds on the windows to protect your dog from sunburn. Remember. never leave a dog in a parked car regardless of the circumstances.


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