"With the Model X we have created the safest SUV ever," was the clear message from Elon Mask, CEO of Tesla Motors, at the launch of the world's first luxury electric SUV.

The big reveal, which took place at the company's factor in Fremont, California, finally gave the motoring world the moment they had been waiting for after several years of teasing the model.

Tesla say that every part of the Model X is designed with safety as a first priority, and this can be seen with the floor-mounted battery specifically positioned to lower the centre of gravity which reduces the risk of rollover to almost non-existent.

Battery support structure provides the vehicle with secure side impact protection, and front end bumps will become less of an issue thanks to the front boot that acts as a large, impact absorbing crumple zone.

The Model X somehow manages to be not only the safest, but the fastest and most capable sport utility vehicle, according to Tesla. It's 90 kWh battery provides an astonishing 250 miles of range, allowing the possible seven seated adults to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds.

Tesla Model X Tesla Model X

Those lucky enough to get their hands on the electric powered, all wheel-drive will be able to enjoy the fascinating Falcon Wing rear doors with built in sensors, power-folding and heated side mirrors, maps and navigation with real time traffic updates, and plenty of space in the front boot to store all your equipment whether it's prams, bikes or shopping.

Tesla's latest work also comes with antivirus-like software that scans the surrounding roadway with camera, radar and sonar systems that provide the driver with real-time feedback that helps to avoid collisions. Brakes will be automatically applied in an emergency, even at motorway speeds.

Despite the focus on safety first, tech fans will also be able to delve into the huge 17 inch touchscreen that is home to almost all of the Model X's infotainment functions, including satellite navigation, media, and the cabin climate control systems.

Those in the UK that are interested in the Model X's safety infrastructure and infotainment combination can expect to pay a starting price of around £50,000.

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