Want to impress your motoring friends with some of the craziest automotive world records? Of course you do.

From the fastest bed to the longest journey by a coffee-powered car, the Guinness World Records are filled with incredible unbelievable facts.

Here, we have compiled a list of the top test most weird and wonderful car world records.

10. Lowest roadworthy car

© Guinness World Records

It may not be called the Mini, but it's name is very similar. The world's lowest car, called the Mirai, stands at just 45.2cm tall - or 17.79 inches, and was set in 2010 by a Japanese High School.

9. Fastest lawnmower

© Guinness World Records

If cutting the grass is your least favourite chore, you need to get your hands on this 187.61 km/h powered lawnmower. With it only being set in 2014 by Honda (UK) and Team Dynamics (UK), surely another manufacturer will be eyeing up this record sooner rather than later.

8. Smallest caravan

© Guinness World Records

It may not be much use, but the QTvan  is a 2.39m long caravan world record, invented by Londoner Yannick Read. It's equipped with a full size bed, interior lighting, TV, sink and a kettle, leaving not much space for someone to move about in.

7. Longest journey by a coffee-powered car

coffeepoweredcar © Volkswagen

Its resemblance to the time-travelling DeLorean in the Movie Back to the Future is the closest this car world record will come to being the future of driving due to its running costs. This classic 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco completed a 210 mile journey from London to Manchester fuelled purely by coffee. it heated coffee granules in a fire, releasing carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas, and as soon as the hydrogen cooled it was used to power the engine.

6. Most people in a smart car

© Newspress

Back in 2011, a 20 strong squad of cheerleaders managed to squeeze themselves into a tiny two-seater Smart car world record. The Glendale Cheerleading Team's record-breaking success is even more impressive considering *just* 28 gymnasts crammed into the interior of a Union Jack Mini Cooper hatch.

5. Longest car wheelie

© Newspress

Most people would say that a car performing a wheelie for ten metres is a notable achievement. So the record-breaking 763.4 wheelstand by "Nitro" Mike Kunz is an incredible achievement, and he can thank his car and its special cut-out in the floor designed so he can see where he's going when the front wheels are airborne.

4. Longest car

© Guinness World Records

Of course it's a limo, but it's not just any limo. This one is 100ft long (30.5m), and has 26 wheels, but the best feature is a toss-up between the swimming pool with a diving board and the helipad. We'll let you be the decision maker of that.

3. Fastest bed

© Guinness World Records

Yep, you read that right. This car world record is the fastest roadworthy bed was created in the UK by Edd China, and it reached a  maximum speed of 69 mph (111 km/h) along a private road in 2008. Who needs a heater system when you've got a nice cosy duvet to keep you warm?

2. Highest mileage vehicle

© Volvo

Some say a man's best friend is his car, and that's certainly the case for Irvin Gordon, who on 1 May 2014 clocked up his 3,039,122nd mile in his 1966 Volvo 1800S. Who knows how many he more he's added to that total since?

1. Fastest toilet

© Guinness World Records

Smart cars are well and truly a thing of the present. Apple and Google are launching cars, but one feature neither of them will have, is flusing-capability. And that is why the 42.25 mph record-breaking toilet (don't forget the side car bath tub) is a phenomena.

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