Although Sports Utility Vehicles are increasingly eating into the traditional market, estates still remain popular. Despite this, increased fuel economy, space, and refinement mean that estates are more practical and desirable than ever before.

These days the costs of having and managing a family are as tough as they have ever been. AutoeBidhave researched the market to bring buyers the best estate new car deals available in the market in 2013.

Kia Cee’d Sportswagon – Best new car deals, save £3,463

Kia’s elegant Cee’d now has added practicality to go with its refined looks. Its chief rivals are the Focus and Golf (VI) estates, but the Sportswagon’s comfort, chiseled looks and combined fuel economy of 67mpg make it stand out from the crowd.

A maximum load capacity of 1642-litres is considerably more than those rivals, too, and interior quality is what we would expect of modern Kia. Available in four levels of trim, the top-spec ‘4’ is near-enough £25,000, which is still uncomfortably expensive for a Kia and doesn’t stand it in good stead against the Golf VII Estate that’s due later this year. Until then, however, it’s one of AutoeBid's favourites.

BMW 5 Series Touring – Best new car deals, save £4,606

One of the best-loved estate cars ever made, the latest 5 Series Touring is due for a facelift at some point this year, but the engine lineup is unlikely to change. As well as offering a surprisingly engaging driving experience, the 5 Series Touring is also unfathomably economical on fuel and sports a smart if unadventurous design, which is what most want in an estate.

The sweet spot of the range is the humble 520d, which generates 181bhp from its four-cylinder diesel engine whilst delivering over 55mpg combined. Buyers can also specify more kit than they’ll ever need, and although not perfect, BMW’s iDrive system is more intuitive than before. The M Sport package is popular.

Skoda Fabia Estate – Best new car deals, save £2,249

The most junior car on this list is also the most economical on space, brilliantly illustrating the ‘small on the outside, big on the inside’ maxim. As is the norm with Skoda now, the Fabia Estate is extremely well made, despite cheap interior plastics, and offers a decent drive, too. It’s a car that makes a considerable addition to buyers lifestyle with minimal financial outlay.

Although there are petrol engines available – including an asthmatic three-cylinder – AutoeBid would have either the 1.4 or 1.9-litre diesel powerplants, as they have the torque required to lug heavier loads.

Mazda6 Tourer – Best new car deals, save £3,344

The estate version of the new Mazda6 has none of the awkwardness that sometimes comes with extending the saloon model and the company’s KODO design is certainly striking. It’s Mazda’s SkyActiv technology under the skin that makes the Tourer such an attractive proposition, however, with strong, economical engines and a sporty ride.

Although there are two petrol engines, there’s no reason to avoid the excellent diesel powerplants—the base 150PS 2.2D is our choice. The Tourer comes with air-conditioning and a touch-screen media system as standard, too, and with aggressive pricing could easily steal sales from some of the more traditional marques.

Jaguar XF Sportbrake – Best new car deals, save £5,876

The engine lineup may be a little antiquated next to hi-tech rivals, and as a result fuel economy and emissions aren’t particularly competitive. Jaguar’s first serious estate, however, is arguably the best-looking practical car ever built.

The Sportbrake can’t beat its German rivals on a technological level, so it turns on the charm once inside. Milled aluminium, plenty of soft leather and carbon fibre or wood paneling make it unmistakably Jaguar, and although build quality isn’t quite up to Audi A6 levels, most will forgive it this. On the outside the XF features gloss-black C-Pillars and Jaguar’s updated face, incorporating sharp new LED headlights.

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