Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers

Are you struggling to find the right gift for the car lover in your life? We openly admit we aren't the easiest people to buy for. The best car accessories can be hard to pinpoint. Anything that takes up precious space in a car presents a problem. So how should you choose a car gift? Will the finish match with the leather dashboard? Will it be sufficiently expensive-looking to sit proudly in the car?

Whether they love gadgets or prefer the finer things when it comes to style, we've got it covered. We've trawled through everything from the stylish to the practical and the plain odd to devise our top ten car accessories for Christmas 2016. Welcome to our countdown of the top ten car accessories available this year!


Coming in at number 10 is Heating and Cooling seat from Viotek. Designed to bring something reserved for super-luxury cars to your every day commute. This quirky product cools, heats and ventilates. It comes in various colours and fabrics to make it customisable to most vehicles.



We're living in a world of emoticons. We stare expressionless at our monitors and phones, using these guys to represent what we pretend we are feeling. Wouldn't it be great to have a more visceral use for one?

Well the aptly (and somewhat cumbersomely named) 'Drivemocion Remote Controlled Messages and Faces Led Car Sign' allows you to choose from predetermined messages to flash at the driver behind you from your rear windscreen. Okay, it's not the most useful gadget. Some might say provocative, but there's no denying it's neat!



Tired of routing around for the extension led to stretch the vacuum cable outside? The Dyson V6 Car and Boat elegantly side-steps this issue, while maintaining their trademark functionality. It also comes with some bespoke fittings that make it ideal for all things car.



The SNAN Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a rather neat device slots into your in-car charger. It monitors tire pressure via four independent fittings which feed back to the main device screen. It also has the added feature of turning your port into a USB charger, so a useful gizmo for the car.



Ideal for those with kids, the Voyager 9" Duel Screen portable DVD player system straps to the seats of your car. It comes with an integrated DVD player, but it also has connectivity for other devices, which is a must these days.



The IceScreen requires no explanation. Only the memory of the last time you had to scrape off your car before work on an icy morning. It fits securely using a magnetic strip, and is made from a material suitable for all weathers. It certainly beats that picnic blanket you're using now! Be sure to buy the right one for your vehicle by clicking the button below, rather than the picture.




The ZUS Smart Car Charger tackles all your in-car charging problems in one fell swoop. The USB section lights up to make it easy to use in the dark and it adapts to charge your phone as quickly as possible. It also boasts an elegant design, built to 'military standards' so it can withstand hot weather. It sounds extreme, but don't forget how hot your car can get in those two blistering summer days we get in the UK. It also comes with a useful app to help you find your car in a car park (if you're someone who has that problem), and it can even tell you when your parking is about to run out.



This is the Dometic RC1600 Carbon Gas Portable Cooler. Looks swish, doesn't it? That'll be the carbon fibre effect body. It will run from 12 volts in a car, normal power or even gas for remote locations. Unlike some of the smaller models, you can store a good bit in it (31 litres to be precise) and it can keep the contents 30 degrees below the ambient temperature. That seems pretty cold! In fact, cold enough to make ice-cubes - there's a tray included. Cool looking, and well . . . Cool. (Sorry). 




The Garmin HUD+ Head Up isn't just great because of the head-up display. It also has some other neat tricks. Estimated time of arrival, lane assist and speed, traffic and safety camera alerts to name but a few. It allows those of us who can't quite get the head-up display built into our cars to have the same experience. For that we applaud it. It's a nifty bit of kit, and because it's Garmin, you know the technology is good too.



And finally, in at number 1 is the accessory that's not so far off becoming a standard over here in the UK. While it's not the cheapest, this VanTrue N2 offer particularly high quality and slick design. It has front and rear view cameras (the front one is full HD), and has neat software allowing it to automatically overwrite the last seven days of recording. Don't forget your memory card!


So those are our top car accessories for Christmas 2016.

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