Planning to go somewhere with the kids this weekend? You may be worrying about how to keep them entertained on a long drive.

Fear not as we've put together a few tips below for things to pack that will make your trip a better experience for all.

1: Keep a permanent supply of  essentials

To avoid being caught short, it is handy to have a permanent stash of the essentials including spare nappies, wipes, kitchen towel, tissues, rubbish bags etc. in the car and one less thing to worry about packing before you leave the house each time.

2: Emergency change of clothes

Especially for younger children, it is handy to have a permanent change of clothes in the car. Just in case they cover themselves in food, drink or are sick before either reaching your destination or at your destination.

3: Keep your phone charged

For obvious reasons you should always make sure that your phone is fully charged before setting off, so pack a charger in case the battery dies. Also, phones are great as an emergency toy if all else fails - though putting it into Airplane Mode can avoid a few unexpected calls.

4: Spare snacks and drinks

Even on short journeys it is handy to have something in the car for you and the kids just in case, or for the journey back home. You never know if a short journey will become a long one and a permanent emergency supply in the car can be handy.

5: Music

Music that your child likes or can sing along to can come in handy to keep them settled during the journey. Although you may need to get a variety of tunes to save your own sanity.

6: Allow extra time

There is nothing quite like a child to scupper your best laid plans. Last minute nappy change, clothing change, lost shoes or packing the favourite toy that must come too can lead to at least an extra 15 minutes before you can leave the house.

If you are going somewhere new always check the directions and where you can park first in order to avoid delays at the other end. Birthday invites are often short on the right amount of information about how to find the exact location and where you could or should park

7: Keep a few toys in the car

Even for short journeys a few toys can keep your child from getting bored. Try to avoid toys that can be used as missiles, or tie toys to the car seat if they can be dropped as this allows them to be easily recovered.


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