VAT exemption - Zero-Rated Adapted Vehicles – Motability Motability

Under the Motability scheme eligible recipients are able to get £216.20 monthly to cover the cost of a new car, insurance and servicing over a 3 year period under the Motability leasing scheme.

Eligible recipients are also able to purchase any new car or new van with Zero Rated VAT, that’s a 20% discount in addition to the new car price negotiated. The only stipulation is that the adaptation work is carried out by the supplier prior to you collecting the vehicle.

AutoBid’s service is perfect to enable any new car or van buyer looking to obtain the vehicle exclusive of VAT as we can offer the best new car deals in addition to this saving.

How does it work?

Simply select any vehicle you require from our web site or click here.

Add any options you require on the vehicle in Step 2.

In Step 3 under the "other conditions"box add any adaptation work you require, Click here to obtain details and prices of adaptation available

In addition, add the words "Zero Rated VAT" and suppliers will know you are purchasing the car without VAT.

Then complete the remaining information requested, including when you require delivery and make your order live.

Thanks it!

You then just sit back and wait for dealers to make you offers competing against each other saving you time, money and stress...

Unfortunately there are many suppliers that may try to take advantage of you trying to maximise their profits but through AutoeBid you always get the best possible deals and the safest possible way.

The following link has full information on VAT exemption for disabled people - purchasing zero-rated adapted vehicles - VAT 1615 About purchasing zero-rated adapted vehicles (guidance for customers) and their motor vehicles:

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