The three wise men of cars are set to return to our screens in the new year following their BBC Top Gear departure when Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May team up again for a new show.

Although the show's name hasn't been revealed and an exact date not confirmed yet, there's still plenty to get excited about.

Filming is currently under-way and although there isn't a Top Gear Christmas special to set a reminder for this year, we've got the latest news on Jeremy Clarkson and co's next project.

Who will present it?

The famous trio will be back together despite rumours suggesting there had been a bust-up. Jeremy Clarkson, Hammond and May will be competing with each other again, but there is still no news on whether the Stig will be joining them.

What will feature?

Three Reliant Robin's were spotted racing against each last month, with the former Top Gear trio seen driving round the streets of London in what has been described as a humorous sequence.

This was the first time that filming of the new show was witnessed since Jeremy Clarkson revealed that it had begun in October.

Long-time fans of the BBC show will be excited by the prospect of seeing the car experts take the Reliant Robin challenge after they did previously, with Clarkson managing to tip the famous three-wheeled car on its side five times in seven minutes. Clarkson revealed that some key features from the BBC's Top Gear including the Stig, the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car and the Cool Wall belonged to them, meaning the show will have to start from scratch. Where has it been filmed? A photograph has showed the trio at the Algarve International Circuit in Portimao, Portugal alongside a Ferrari LaFerrari, a McLaren P1 and a Porsche 918 Spyder.

How many episodes will there be?

Fans will be able to enjoy three series of 12 episodes, according to former Top Gear producer Andy Wilman, who is still working alongside Clarkson. Episodes will be released weekly. Episodes will not feature adverts.

How much will it cost to watch?

As the show will only be available in the UK to Amazon Prime subscribers, viewers will have to pay the online retailer's premium service price of £79 a year. This works out as £2.19 per episode.

How much did it cost to make?

The total budget is reportedly £160m after Amazon and the trio agreed to a landmark global deal. The Financial Times said it was "one of the largest ever agreed by a digital streaming group" and that Jeremy Clarkson is expected to earn roughly £30m over the length of the contract. Each episode is said to have a budget of £4m, allegedly ten time that of BBC's Top Gear. Some of that money will be going on the 4k filming equipment that Clarkson revealed on Twitter that the show will be filmed in.

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