The importance of price when it comes to buying a car has never been stronger for Britain's youngest motorists, according to new research.

The number of 17-24 year old used car buyers that think price is the strongest influencer on their vehicle search currently stands at 65%, compared to 51% recorded from last year.

Alongside this figure, released by British Car Auctions (BCA), other findings show that these younger buyers (22%) are prepared to do more research and window-shopping rather than buy the first car that takes their fancy. Those aged 17-24 are more likely to visit three-five forecourts, with the national figure just 20%.

And those three-five forecourts could be anywhere in the country as younger used car buyers less concerned about buying locally - 34% said they would only be prepared to travel 20 minutes or less to buy a car, compared to 42% nationally.

These Generation Y customers are more likely to buy a car within the next 12 months than any other age group. However, they are also the least likely age group to be contacted by dealers - as none of the 17-24 year olds interviewed as part of the BCA research said they had received a follow up call within the first month from the dealer who sold them their last car, compared to 47% of all motorists with used cars.

What is important to you when it comes to buying a car?

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