When you sell your car by any means – private, dealer, auction or as scrap – you must notify the DVLA of the sale and they will arrange for a refund of any full months of road tax remaining.

Road Tax cannot be sold or transferred with the vehicle.

Selling your car to a dealer

You will need the reference from the latest V5C/3 yellow slip

The dealer will keep the V5C document (apart from the V5C/3) and give this to the person who buys the vehicle from them.

Make sure that:

* no changes have been made on the V5C registration certificate

* the name and address on the V5C are correct

* any personalised registration numbers have been kept or assigned to another vehicle

Notification of sale can be done online or by post


When selling online you’ll be sent:

* an email confirmation (if you provided an email address)

* a letter confirming that you’re no longer the keeper of the vehicle

* a refund for any full months of vehicle tax (or direct debit cancelled)

By Post

If you have a V5C you must:

* get the trader to complete their details on the V5C/3

* sign the V5C (along with the trader) and give this to the trader

* send the V5C/3 to the address: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 IBA

If you don’t have a V5C you must write to DVLA with the:

* vehicle registration number

* make and model

* exact date of sale

* name and address of the new keeper

* signatures of the buyer and seller

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