There are a growing number of car buying services which will buy your car. The choices include,, and amongst many others.

Generally there are four steps to selling your car using a car buying service:

  1. Enter your car registration number to receive a valuation
  2. Book an appointment and arrange to visit one of the nationwide sites to allow someone to verify the valuation. The valuation can be reduced if any faults or damage found with your vehicle.
  3. Agree the final price and sell your car.
  4. Receive payment.


Selling your  using a car buying service can be quick and relatively hassle free.

You are paid shortly after the car has been checked and the final amount agreed.

Free online calculators provide an instant quote based on registration number, mileage, and colour of the car. The quote provided is guaranteed for a minimum of seven days.

There is no charge for receiving a valuation.

Having the cash gives you more control and flexibility when looking for another car.

It is usually possible to sell your car even if it has failed its MOT.


You can receive much less than the trade price for your car.

The price offered could be decreased on inspection if there are any faults or damage found with your vehicle.

Top tips

Receive a quote from several companies, as they can vary significantly.

Check your car value through Parkers, CAP, Glass's etc. It is the trade value that you should expect to receive.

Some companies may be open to negotiating on the price. If your car is in good condition it is worth trying to increase the quote they give.

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