Price: £13,000 (est), on sale from early 2016

The new Hyundai i20 Active will be on sale from early 2016, offering new car buyers the opportunity to pick up a five-door rugged compact crossover for under £15,000.

Hyundai say the i20 Active is for those customers who enjoy an active lifestyle, and it joins the i20 five-door and the sporty, individual i20 Coupé in the model range.

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Over half of the Active's exterior parts are different to the standard i20 model, and with a more rugged crossover design and higher seating positioning, the Active looks to set itself apart from the rest of the class. Hyundai say that the 2016 model will feature an exclusive rear spoiler.

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The i20 Active has a sturdy exterior backed by bold side skirts and side cladding, with robust wheel-arch mouldings. Front and rear bumpers with integrated skid plates offer even more protection.

Hyundai say that the i20 Active is targeted towards "young urban customers with active lifestyles"  because its higher stance and bespoke design enhancements give the car an adventurous spirit, while maintaining the spaciousness and comfort of the i20 five-door version.

The new model is fitted with a Kappa 1.0-litre T-GDI engine, the first of a new generation of in-house developed small petrol turbo-charged engines for Europe.

Focusing on dynamic and efficient driving, the three-cylinder turbocharged direct injection engine will be available in two power outputs. The standard-power 100 PS version maximises fuel economy and focuses on comfort, while the high-power 120 PS unit facilitates more spirited driving without sacrificing efficiency. With standard-power the i20 Active can reach 0-62 mph in 10 seconds.

The fuel efficient Kappa engine is reported to produce C02 emissions as low as 106 g/km, and they are the first of a new generation of newly-developed small, turbocharged power plants tuned for Europe.

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The i20 Active will feature TomTom LIVE services which includes real-time traffic updates, weather, POI (Points of Interest) search, plus speed camera warnings in selected countries, keeping customers connected, safe and informed while on the move.

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