Price: £18,000 (est), on sale from Spring 2016

Kia will give its most popular model in Europe a new look this year with the fourth generation of the Kia Sportage receiving an upgrade.

The new Sportage will have a more spacious interior, improved handling and a new set of engines, amongst a handful of other added features, as well as a sporty new GT Line trim level.

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Buyers will be able to choose from two 1.6-litre petrol, and two diesel engines, a 1.7-litre and also a 2.0 litre coming in two outputs. These new engines are more efficient than the previous car and meet Euro 6 emissions standards.

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The fully independent front suspension will carry on from the previous upgrade, but the new Kia Sportage will also feature rubber bushes there, aimed to help lower the vibration that is passed through the suspension. Electric power steering is standard with GT Line models, making for quicker acting and easier corner taking.

Now made with extensive use of high-strength steel, the new body is just under 40 per cent stiffer than the previous car. This alongside six airbags, stability control and optional safety features including autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist and blind spot detection system makes the new Sportage significantly more secure.

Inside the hugely popular model, drivers will be able to enjoy class leading heating and ventilation systems that have been tested against extreme weather conditions including boiling heat, freezing cold and torrential rainfall.

An infotainment dashboard that comes in either seven or eight inches in size is also fitted, and will be split into two zones: display and control. The new Sportage can be fitted with the free Kia Connect system during the first seven years of ownership, allowing drivers to be provided with live traffic updates, speed camera locations and local weather forecasts.

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Drivers and passengers can enjoy their journeys without suffering from noise thanks to the significant improvements to NVH (noise vibration and harshness), with engine noise reduced and thicker side window glass and additional sound proofing for the doors reducing wind noise.

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