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Mercedes-Benz are promising to take a big step into the future with numerous innovations when the new 2016 E-Class heads into the car market later this year.

Focus has been set on next-generation car technology, with advanced features including Intelligent Light System, Magic Body control system and auto-parking by remote set to be included in the all-new executive saloon.

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Highlights of the seven generation E-Class are mainly situated in the interior, where owners will be able to control all of the fancy smart systems with a simple swipe of a finger. This car will also be the first ever to integrate touch control buttons in the spokes of the multifunction steering wheel.

This means drivers will be able to control every function of the infotainment system without having to take their hands off the steering wheel, as the buttons respond precisely to horizontal and vertical finger swipes. Alternatively, there are buttons in each switch panel and two massive 12.3-inch centre display.

There's not just one display, though, as it is joined by another that portrays the car's instruments in the direct field of vision of the driver.

Mercedes-Benz have described the interior of their most successful model ever as "an expression of emotion and intelligence", with a "design bias towards a sense of space" as they say the interior combines the elegance of the luxury class with the cultivated sportiness of the C-Class.

The safety features of the updated E-Class have also benefited from the manufacturers focus on advanced technology with an Intelligent Light System. The car will see a world first as a dynamic cornering light function is implemented alongside a host of new, adaptive light functions such as bad-weather lights, city light and a navigation-based junction light making night-time driving safer.

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Also included is Active Lane Change Assist, which works from a radar-and-camera-based assistance system that supports the driver in changing lanes, offering increase in comfort and helping to prevent collisions.

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