Price: £30,200, on sale from Spring 2016

The new Range Rover Evoque will be the most efficient production Land Rover ever, according to the car makers themselves.

The Evoque will see the debut of Land Rover's advanced new diesel engine, a new EU6-compliant four-cylinder Ingenium unit that brings a class-leading combination of performance refinement and efficiency.

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Manufacturers estimate that CO2 emissions will be as low as 109g/km, and the diesel engine.

2016 Range Rover Evoque © Range Rover

The luxury compact SUV is the manufacturers fastest-selling model, and will look to reinforce its status as a the market leader with new features including a comprehensive range of design features and technologies.

Advances in the Evoque's design include a new front bumper, two new grille designs, all-LED headlamps and three all-new alloy wheel designs.

The interior will now include new seats and door casings, a new infotainment system accessed via an eight-inch touchscreen, and the introduction of new colour and materials such as Lunar Ice, Vintage Tan and Dark Cherry.

An array of safety features make the Evoque more reliable than ever. Lane-Keeping Assist uses the stereo digital camera to prevent unintended lane changes by monitoring road markings, and it also applies a gentle steering correction if the vehicle begins to drift into an adjacent lane without the driver signalling beforehand.

The advanced forward-facing stereo digital camera is also used for Autonomous Emergency Braking, a system that prevents or reduces the severity of accidents in the event of the driver failing to take preventative action. The system can identify potential hazards ahead, and if a collision risk is detected, the driver will be alerted by visual and audible prompts.

The system can help to avoid collisions below 32 mph, and reduces the severity of an impact at speeds below 50 mph if the driver fails to take evasive action.

The final of three new advanced safety systems is Attention Assist Estimation, a system that monitors steering inputs to detect when a driver is at risk of falling asleep at the wheel. When drowsiness is detected, audible alarms and visual warnings will attempt to wake the driver up.

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Five trim levels have been available for the 2016 model year Evoque: Pure, SE, HSE, HSE Dynamic and Autobiography.

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