Price: £12, 200, on sale from Spring 2016

The Suzuki Baleno has been revived in the shape of a brand new compact five-door hatchback, and its maker says it 'perfectly embodies all the elements expected in a car of this size.

Those elements include design, utility, comfort, manoeuvrability, superior driving performance, and fuel efficiency.

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Labelled as a bar-raiser, the hatchback has a 'Liquid Flow' design theme, compact body, spacious interior, and efficient powertrains. The Baleno sits on a new-generation platform.

Suzuki Baleno © Suzuki

Suzuki's most-aerodynamic hatchback ever will have increased rigidity and reduced weight, high levels of safety and a new 1.0 BOOSTERJET direct-injection turbo engine and 1.2 DUALJET engine, both providing excellent fuel economy.

The interior holds innovative features including an advanced multi-information colour display, active cruise control with speed limiter, and a Smartphone Linkage Display Audio compatible with Apple Car Play.

Buyers would benefit from an adaptive cruise control system which uses millimetre wave radar to monitor following distance and automatically accelerate or decelerate the vehicle to maintain a long, medium, or short distance from any vehicle directly in front as set by the driver.

A fitted speed limiter will prevent the vehicle from exceeding the maximum speed set by the driver, regardless of the extent to which the accelerator pedal is pushed.

Safety features include Radar Brake Support, a system that detects any vehicle that might be directly in front when the vehicle is travelling at a speed greater than approximately 3 mph. When a potential collision is likely, the vehicle will alert the driver, increase braking force, and depending on the situation automatically apply the brakes.

The Baleno will also include six airbags, an impact absorbent body and various components have been designed to lessen injuries sustained by pedestrians in vehicle-to-person collisions.

A huge boot that can fill 355 litres makes the Baleno's luggage space the largest among B-segment hatchbacks. The large amount is down to the optimised shape of the suspension, freeing up space on both sides at the back of the boot.

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