Price: £23,000 (est), on sale from Spring 2016

The fourth generation of the Toyota Prius will be available in the first half of 2016, and there are quite a few changes from the outgoing model.

A more contemporary exterior for the all-new Prius has overhauled the outside of the previous design, and it looks way more sharper and detailed, but not sporty.

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Toyota have decided to tone down any major changes in the interior though, with the latest infotainment system the biggest difference. All of the current model's standard equipment such as air conditioning, rear-view camera and a smart entry system, with small upgrades.

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The air conditioning system now detects whether the front passenger seat is occupied and automatically adapts air vent opening and air flow accordingly, allowing for a more efficient and energy-saving exercise.

A host of new systems will feature with the new Prius including the first European appearance of SIPA, Toyota's new Simple Intelligent Park Assist. Automatic steering into a parralel or series parking space will also be fitted as well as an automatic braking system that provides a safeguard against colliding with parked vehicles or obstacles.

Higher grade models come with advanced features including a colour head-up display, wireless phone charger, blind spot monitor and with rear cross traffic alert, heated front seats and an auto-dimming rear view mirror.

The new model will now be a far more efficient, lighter and better performance car, thanks to Toyota's work on changes made to the engine. The hybrid power train has been moved, giving a lower centre of gravity which creates better handling.

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The Prius Active, Prius Business Edition, Prius Business Edition Plus and Prius Excel are the four variations that will in be in the new range.

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