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Mercedes-Benz have started 2016 with record unit sales, handing 150,814 vehicles over to customers - an increase of 19.9%.

The strong growth in unit sales was driven by record numbers in all three core regions: Europe, Asia-Pacific and NAFTA, and the manufacturer was the premium market leader in the UK.

Particularly strong growth of more than 20% and record unit sales were achieved in the UK, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland.

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January's total is an increase of 19.9% compared with the same month of last year, and means that Mercedes-Benz has grown for the 35th consecutive month.

Out of the 150,818 cars bought in the first month of the year, 48,840 compact cars in the shape of an A- or B-Class, a CLA, a CLA Shooting Brake or a GLA were sold.

A total of 31,993 units of the C-Class Saloon and Estate were sold - the best January so far for the best-selling Mercedes-Benz model. The new C-Class coupe was very popular in the first month after its market launch in December 2015.

Demand for the E-Class remains strong shortly before the market launch of the new generation: In January, the E-Class Saloon and Estate were among the best-selling models of Mercedes-Benz.

The S-Class maintained its position as the world's best-selling luxury saloon in the first month of 2016, with a record number sold in one month.

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Demand for the SUVs from Mercedes-Benz also continues at a high level, with sales in January 62.5% higher than in the prior-year month and rose to a new record of 53,966 units.

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