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Car manufacturers love to fuel buyers' fantasies by suggesting what a new vehicle can do for your image. But as Volvo's Concept You arrives at Frankfurt, it seems the company's modest aim is to make

life "less complicated and more enjoyable".

The Concept You gives a strong hint about what Volvo's next large sedan will look like. According to Stefan Jacoby, Volvo's President and CEO, this means "contemporary Scandinavian design, exquisite craftsmanship and intuitive technology".

After revealing the Concept Universe earlier this year, Volvo has been hanging around Twitter and Facebook to find out what potential customers really think about its new baby. Of course they've done surveys, too, to get feedback on the Concept Universe.

What's the result of all those helpful Tweets? The Concept You has evolved with a more coupé-like profile than its predecessor, with the front giving a nod towards what the company calls "a more classic Volvo look". (I don't think that's a reference to soccer moms.)

Let's take a closer look at what Volvo's "Designed Around You" strategy has done for the Concept You:

  • It's a large, luxurious sedan than combines classic Volvo elegance with "a new, sculpted Scandinavian form language".
  • The Concept You shows how Volvo's new Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA) can open up dynamic design possibilities -- as well as offering  technological advantages.
  • By including intuitive smart pad technology, Volvo shows it's ahead of the game in offering "super-functional connectivity features".

Volvo is keen to sell the idea of luxury and maximum driving pleasure -- but without throwing environmental consciousness out of the window. Apparently it's all about being "intuitive and uncomplicated".

But once you hear more about the Concept You -- hand-tufted wool carpets, hand-crafted walnut interiors and "FreshAir" subwoofer -- I bet green is the furthest thought from your mind. It all sounds like the kind of "Scandinavian inspired environment" I could move into.

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