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Date Launched 01/06/2010
New CITROEN DS3 review at a glance:
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Advantages: Fun to drive, high quality interior, wealth of customisable options.

Disadvantages: High price.

Summary: The New Citroen DS3 with its unique looks, wealth of personalisation options, high performance and practicality rivals BMW’s Mini and the Fiat 500 as a quality three-door hatchback.

New CITROEN DS3 Review:
The New Citroen DS3 is Citroens offering to the fashionable three-door hatchback market, rivalling the Mini and the Fiat 500. Unlike the Mini and Fiat 500 however there is nothing retro about the New Citroen DS3. The New Citroen DS3 is an incredibly good looking hatchback, with interesting lines and features. The interior is beautifully finished, being largely based on the Citroen C3 but with dash and seat personalisation options. Like the Mini, there are 38 roof and body colour combinations with matching alloys and a wealth of roof decals, including stripes, spots or tribal designs.

The New Citroen DS3 comes with a choice of three petrol engines; the VTi 95, VTi 120 and the BMW co-developed THP 150 which is also to be found in the Mini Cooper S. There are also two diesel versions; the 1.6-litre HDi, offering 90-110bhp and a 99g/km CO2 version of the 1.6 HDi 90. The New Citroen DS3 is sharper to drive than the Citroen C3 due to its lower body and stiffer suspension. The dampening and ride are also good with only the roughest roads causing the New Citroen DS3 to bounce. The New Citroen DS3 balances well too, staying tight in the corners.

Practically speaking the New Citroen DS3 is longer and wider than both the Mini and Fiat 500, with the extra space being dedicated to the interior. The New Citroen DS3 can seat three in the back, although despite the roomy interior the rear is better suited to two for longer trips. The boot of the New Citroen DS3 is also more generous compared to the Mini and Fiat 500, with 285 litres.

Overall the New Citroen DS3 is a quirky three-door hatchback, which looks great, performs well and is practical enough for daily use. The personalisation options are more generous than those of its Mini and Fiat 500 rivals and add a sense of individuality which make the New Citroen DS3 feel extra special.

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