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Date Launched 01/06/2014
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Advantages: Unique cross-over looks and styling, fairly good road handling and sensible pricing will make the Juke appeal to buyers that are not smitten by the more conventional vehicles within the small car market.

Disadvantages: The dashboard fascia may seem a little ‘cheap’ in finish. The ride may be a little too firm for uk roads and the steering a little average.

Summary: A sensibly priced, fun-looking model that may just repeat the Qashquai’s success in the small car market.

(16) AutoeBid customer NISSAN JUKE Reviews:
19-January-2015 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.2 DiG-T Acenta 5d)
Car is great was exactly what I was looking for somthing a bit different but still practical

22-November-2014 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.6 DiG-T Tekna 5d [ExteriorPlus Pack])
our Nissan Juke falls into our niche very well just what we wanted

18-December-2013 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.6 Acenta 5d)
Loving the car inside and out, good looking car that does turn heads. The only thing I would say is being used to a Puma which was quite a nippy car I find the Juke a little more sluggish.

02-November-2012 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.6 Acenta 5d [Premium Pack])
Although it is "early days" my initial reaction for the Juke is positive

04-March-2012 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.6 Tekna 5d)
Stylish, comfortable, roomy and quite economical to run. It's funky shape causes heads to turn.

08-January-2012 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.6 Tekna 5d CVT)
Love it!

05-December-2011 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.6 Tekna 5d)
The Juke seemed a very good car for the price, untill the gearbox collapsed after covering 249 miles, customer service from supplying dealer and nissan uk was terrible. We will never buy another Nissan.

06-November-2011 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.6 Tekna 5d CVT)
I love my Nissan Juke Tekna CVT it is such a nice car to drive would definitely recommend it.

04-July-2011 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.6 Tekna 5d)

18-June-2011 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.5 dCi Acenta 5d [Premium Pack])
No idea what N/R means. Arrived back in UK 02June, car received 03June and due to illness have only used for trips to doctor and hospital. Hopefully be fit enough to go for ride for 73rd bithday in late July.

25-July-2011 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.6 Acenta 5d CVT [Premium Pack])
Early days for our Nissan Juke Acenta 1.6 CVT are very encouraging. Only 500 miles covered so far so new real statistics with regard to fuel consumption. We are also trying to keep revs down for the first 1,000 miles as advised in the user manual. The finish of the Force Red colour is very good and this has been even more improved by the addition of Diamondbrite treatment by a local contractor which is about half the price of a dealer option. If I have a concern it is that the CVT auto box seems to easily rev high without any significant related performance enhancement.

30-January-2012 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.5 dCi Tekna 5d)
We are very happy with the car

20-April-2011 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.6 Acenta 5d [Premium Pack])
Clearly you either love or hate the styling of tghe Juke. If you love it then you will also like the whole package..... Great car to drive (in the few weeks of owning) and certainly turns a few heads!

05-October-2011 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.6 DiG-T Tekna 5d)
Great little car, with stacks of attitude.

07-March-2011 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.6 Visia 5d)
Happy with car and overall performance.

14-December-2010 New NISSAN JUKE Deals(1.6 Acenta 5d)
love the car!
The new Nissan Juke is a car aimed squarely at the crowded small car market and completes Nissan’s range.

Instead of a straight crossover the Juke seamlessly blends the looks of the SUV with a sports car character allowing the Nissan Juke to fill a gap in this already competitive market. Nissan hopes that this unique modelling will allow the Juke to repeat the success of Nissan’s other model, the Qashqai.

The Juke’s design makes the Juke seem bigger than it actually is. There is easily enough interior space to allow for 2 adults to comfortably fit in the back. Nissan’s adventurous sense of styling extends to the cabin, where the main console was reputedly modelled on a motorbike’s fuel tank.

The majority of the Jukes will be sold utilising Nissan’s conventional front-wheel drive chassis, but the car will also be available with a more sophisticated all-wheel drive system, allowing torque vectoring traction control and multi-link rear suspension rather than the standard torsion beam.

The Juke has no off-roading pretensions. This has allowed Nissan to concentrate on keeping the center of gravity low and limiting body roll in fast corners. As a result the car handles better than expected for a high-sided model. Although not a sports car either, the Juke’s wider track and firm suspension at least makes a quick progress a reasonable prospect.

Pace is assured by the brand new 187bhp 1.6-liter DIG-T petrol engine allowing it to stand up to a number of its rivals such as the forthcoming Mini Countryman, the car closest to the Juke in concept and pricing. A less powerful engine is also available as well as the 1.5dCI diesel, which fits nicely with the Juke’s temperament better than expected.

Nissan has cast the Juke in its own little niche and while some of its competitors drive and look conventionally better, the Juke’s distinctiveness may appeal to people in a way that some of the other vehicles in this market don’t.

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