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Date Launched 01/10/2013
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Advantages: Bags of space; good engines

Disadvantages: Could be more generous on equipment levels

Summary: The Note is enormously practical thanks to a surprising amount of space eeked out of a smallish car

(9) AutoeBid customer NISSAN NOTE Reviews:
13-March-2013 New NISSAN NOTE Deals(1.4 Acenta 5d)
Very practical car that has loads of space for the price. The build quality seems very good and gives a very pleasant experience driving and travelling in the car.

02-October-2012 New NISSAN NOTE Deals(1.6 N-TecPlus 5d Auto)
Very impressive build quality

01-May-2012 New NISSAN NOTE Deals(1.6 N-Tec 5d Auto)
Four stars. An excellent well-designed, practical car...really good value - thanks to Auto E-bid

03-November-2011 New NISSAN NOTE Deals(1.5 [90] dCi Acenta 5d)
Love it! 5 stars

08-October-2011 New NISSAN NOTE Deals(1.5 [90] dCi Tekna 5d)
I am absolutely delighted with my new Nissan Note Tekna DCi The engine is so quiet you would never believe it was a diesel. I had this engine in my previous Micra which was a joy to drive. The Note has now done about 1500 miles and is loosening up well.On the lastr tank full I travelled 510 miles at an overall average of 61mpg - (mainly long runs and driven carefully) I am pleased with this but hoping for some improvement as the engine loosens up a bit more as I used to get up to 70 mpg from the Micra. The car is very well equipped and extremely comfortable with good roadholding and suspension. I like the versatile sliding rear seat. With Cruise,Limiter,built in sat nav and all the other audio things you couldn't ask for more.I would reccommend going for the top of the range Tekna,amongst other things the upholstery is much nicer.This car is a dream to drive- thoroughly recommended.

24-July-2011 New NISSAN NOTE Deals(1.5 [90] dCi Tekna 5d)
The note is great my wife loves driving it also lots of room inside

02-June-2011 New NISSAN NOTE Deals(1.5 [90] dCi Tekna 5d)
Car is fantastic, it drives amazingly well is very well equipped. Service interval seems to work out at around 18K miles. This is the top spec model Tekna. For the money this has to be the best car ever. It's a joy to drive both on the motorway & country bumpy roads. It's pretty quiet. I would definitely buy another one after this.

02-February-2011 New NISSAN NOTE Deals(1.5 [90] dCi Tekna 5d)
Love it! The technology is especially good

09-July-2010 New NISSAN NOTE Deals(1.5 dCi Tekna 5d)
I am very pleased with my Note it is everything I expected from the brochures and the dealer visits I made.

The Nissan Note is a hugely practical and spacious small car, with a good driving position and comfortable ride. It does get a little bumpy on uneven roads but overall it's well refined and offers some perky engines. Nissans have a reputation for fairly bullet-proof reliability, so it certainly shouldn't develop any problems and the interior feels solid , if a little uninspiring. Equipment levels are slightly sparse: you need to opt for the SE specification to get air-conditioning, which makes the Note quite pricey, but overall it represents good value and there are discounts in the auction.

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