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Date Launched 01/03/2013
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Advantages: Great styling, fine handling; interior space is generous

Disadvantages: Limited boot space; lacks the Golf's image

Summary: A much under-rated car by the British public: the Leon's ability is still a well-kept secret

(2) AutoeBid customer SEAT LEON Reviews:
07-October-2014 New SEAT LEON Deals(1.8 TSI FR 5d DSG [Technology Pack])
Very impressed with the car. Great drive and interior.

26-March-2014 New SEAT LEON Deals(1.2 TSI SE 5d DSG [Technology Pack])
Excellent car. Great turbo charged engine and the DSG gearbox is excellent making the car very nippy for just a 1.2l engine. The ride is a little harsher than my previous 2007 Vauxhall Astra but I'm happy to trade that off with cornering as the car grips and handles so well. A beautiful car and great fuel economy. Highly recommended.
New SEAT LEON Review:

SEAT have rebranded themselves over the last few years as the manufacturer for buyers looking for a VW which has a little more passion that your traditional German offering. And the Leon epitomises SEAT's strides in this direction: it's based on the most recent Golf, which can never be a bad thing, but adds a few chilli peppers, plenty of spice and a bit of Latin spirit to make its rivals look positively dull by comparison.The handling matches up to the best in the class and refinement is excellent, with a real quality feel throughout the cabin. The boot size and shape is unfavourably affected by the emphasis on perfecting the styling - but it's still fairly sizeable and the rear seats fold with a 60:40 split. The fact that there are fairly few Leons around compared to the VW Golf should only add to its attraction: it's certainly nothing to do with it being an inferior car, but instead it seems it's going to take time for SEAT to convince the British public that it offers a genuine alternative to more established brands.

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