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Date Launched 16/03/2013
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Advantages: Excellent space, good comfort, and decent engine choices and still relatively well priced. Winner overall.

Disadvantages: Design could do with some improvement and drive could be better.

Summary: The new generation of Octavia looks to build on Skoda’s success of making excellently priced large hatchbacks with a lot of family appeal. This model is slightly bigger than previous ones, with a touch more refinement and comfort. Slightly new emphasis, same practical, excellent results.

(14) AutoeBid customer SKODA OCTAVIA Reviews:
07-September-2015 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals(1.4 TSI Elegance 5d)
The car is very well appointed and none of the extras I asked to be included have disappointed. Economy over a long journey with high speed proved a bit under what I expected, but otherwise about right. Niggles? - after rain, water remains in the trim and releases into the boot space, some of the trim finish could be better, gearing is a bit on the low side, but this is not much as opposed to all the positives whci include just about everything else. I would recommend this car and model highly.

29-June-2015 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals(2.0 TSI vRS 5d)
This is my second vrs - the first was a diesel this time I opted for the petrol. Every bit as good, indeed even better. Very quiet and refined for the most part but the lurking 'beast' requires only a quick dab on the accelerator pedal . Highly recommended if you want a comfortable, incredibly spacious family car that has that extra bit of excitement if you want to use it.

19-May-2015 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals(2.0 TDI CR Scout 4x4 5d)
My previous car was a BMW 3 series and this compares very favourably. The Scout is brilliant - it rides like a small Range Rover, the driving position is just right, and it's quieter than the BMW. The only niggle is a thrum from the back at 80 mph - almost sounds like some axle noise, which I didn't expect. And it has real off road capability (I fish in remote places) - clearly it's not meant to match a Land Rover but it's certainly a "go manywhere" car. Rating, 4.5 star, I'd give it 5 if it wasn't for the rear end thrumming noise.

20-May-2014 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals(1.6 TDI CR Elegance 5d)
Too soon to write a definitive review - we have only driven it 200 miles! Early impressions are very favourable.

05-March-2014 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals(1.4 TSI SE 5d)
Bought the SE 1.4 litre petrol version (estate) in January and am so far very pleased with it. The engine is very quiet and smooth, and gives the whole ride a very expensive feel. Good level of equipment and masses of space. So far, seems to be pretty economical too (I do lots of short journeys in town, hence the petrol choice). I'm no expert in these things, but I think it's a very nice family car. The body styling on the new version looks a lot better too than the old (and it's a bit bigger)!

09-March-2014 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals(2.0 TDI CR Elegance 5d)
Only just received but so far very happy. It seems a little slow off the mark for an 8 second car but this could be because it needs to be run in.

05-February-2014 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals(1.6 TDI CR Elegance 5d DSG)
It's no passion wagon but it sips fuel, great ride comfort and has a lot of safety kit.

21-April-2013 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals(2.0 TDI CR Elegance 5d)
Early days, but perfectly happy with the car so far.

10-January-2013 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals(1.4 TSI S 5d DSG)
Very pleased with the car. drives beautifully.

03-May-2012 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals(1.8 TSI Laurin Plus Klement 5d DSG)
Not yet delivered

16-September-2011 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals(1.6 TDI CR GreenLine II 5d)
Excellent car, very economical,spacious and responsive. One feature you need to be aware of is once you shut the boot it self-locks so there is a chance of you locking yourself out of your car

30-January-2012 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals(2.0 TDI CR Elegance 5d DSG)
Octavia Elegance1.6 tdi,Estate, DSG,DPF,I Read all about lack of power and hesitancy when slotting into roundabouts etcetera,forget that,this is a pokey little diesel,my only concern is about the dpf which has bad press,my mileage is mostly urban and i'm worried that the dpf unit will clog up,contemplating taking it for a ten mile sprint up a local m'way every Saturday which will defeat the decision of going for diesel economy.That bridge will have to be crossed when I get there,and in the meantime I am delighted with my purchase from the point of car quality and the level of service from Autoebid and the dealer.

03-August-2011 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals(1.6 TDI CR GreenLine II 5d)
Average 65 mpg so far, still to do a second fill. The 8-speaker sound system isn't quite as strong as I hoped but the boot is huge and no complaints from passengers on the first long trips. Power is there if you don't mind the effect on mpg. Controls are good, rake and reach essential to get the best steering position. Some road noise, minimal noise from the engine. I am enjoying driving the car, and feel less guilty about the environment.

08-July-2010 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals(2.0T FSI vRS 5d DSG)
This is one classy motor.

The Skoda Octavia is an immensely popular car, with global sales of 3.7 million since 1996. However, Skoda are not resting on their laurels, and each generation of Octavia seems to grow in stature and cabin space.

The success of previous models largely depends on being cheaper than alternatives like the Volkswagen Golf, while giving more interior space and a huge boot. Skoda uses the more expensive VW’s flexible MQB platform, building on this strategy with guile and consumer knowhow to position the Octavia just behind the Golf, differentiating it in terms of target market.

This large family hatchback is 108mm longer than previous generation models, and even though it comes with a relatively higher price tag - a calculated risk by Skoda – the Octavia is still worth every penny. New generation models now come with alloy wheels, DAB radio, and extra safety features such as post-collision breaking. Mid to high-range models push towards offering comfort and interior refinement to match not only other VW’s but other high-end manufacturers like BMW. Other options include intelligent parking assistance, which makes its first appearance in the Octavia range.

Although the drive doesn’t leave one in ore, the extra length of the car is met by better suspension and the use of lighter materials. Weighing around 100kg less than previous Octavias, the drive is balanced if not thrilling. There are range of petrol and diesel engine options, including the 1.2 TST, the 1.4 TSI and the 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI. The cars size means that the diesel engines are better suited, especially over longer motorway distances.

The TSI petrol and 2.0 litre diesel models come with a six-speed manual gearbox which adds some respectable zest, with 0-62mph times of around 11 seconds. The 1.6-litre diesel is excellent economically, with moderately good performance and 0-62mph of around 12 seconds– this will be the engine of choice for many, even though the 2.0 litre is just as economical in the long run. All engines are excellent in terms of sound and smoothness.

The interior of the Octavia is efficient and, at a push, somewhat upmarket. There are a total of six trim levels, inkling the entry level S, mid-range SE, and the Elegance. High-spec options include the Laurin and Klement, from which include extra tech like lane assistance and keyless start-up.

To summarise, the Octavia has more space than the VW Golf and Ford Focus, has a good range of engines. It offers as much space as larger cars, and there has been progress made in terms of refinement and comfort. The Octavia is also still very well priced with new car deals starting at £16,285. The more efficient engines include up to 80mpg, it also come up trumps in safety. The Octavia, as always, will appeal to a large segment of the market, Skoda, it seems, are set to continue their success.

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