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Date Launched 01/09/2015
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Advantages: Practical, reliable and good value with AutoeBid discounts

Disadvantages: Doesn't match up to the Golf or Focus for class and handling

Summary: The Auris makes a great ownership prospect and should be highly dependable, even if it's not as desirable as a Golf

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20-February-2015 New TOYOTA AURIS Deals(1.8 VVTi Hybrid IconPlus 5d CVT Auto [Pan Roof])
Has the feel of a luxury car, being very quiet in normal use, better to drive than some Toyotas I've driven with more feel to the steering although Hybrid has a less responsive throttle and less progressive brakes than most cars but has managed 60 MPG driven carefully. Icon plus is well equiped with a easy to use stereo/information system and lots more electrical toys, although room in the back isn't great and the hatch opening is smallish. Body easily scratched as no rubber strip protection for front spoiler.

27-December-2011 New TOYOTA AURIS Deals(1.8 VVTi Hybrid T Spirit 5d CVT Auto [Navigation])
5 Stars, very happy indeed!

After decades of success with a long line of Corolla models, Toyota decided they needed to make their latest family hatchback incarnation a bit more interesting... so they changed the name. To "Auris". And that's probably the most significant evolution that took place. Corollas have always been good cars: well built, reliable and reasonably priced - and it looks like generations of Auris models will do exactly the same.The UK family hatchback segment in which the Auris finds itself is hotly contested by the likes of the VW Golf, Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra amongst a plethora of others, so a car has to be a little bit special to be able to muscle in amongst the big guns. On a global basis, Auris sales will beat the rest of them hands down, but the new Toyota isn't noticeably better than any of its rivals. In fact, the handling and refinement probably don't match up to the Focus or Golf and equipment levels aren't particularly high - but it's sure to hold its value well and offer years of trouble-free motoring.On top of that, there are good discounts to be had for UK dealer supplied cars when using AutoeBid's reverse auction, so the Auris makes plenty of sense as a decent long-term ownership proposition.

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