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Date Launched 01/11/2012
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Advantages: Good on practicality and looks.

Disadvantages: Over-expensive and average across the board.

Summary: The Mokka is a good car without excelling in any area apart from practicality. The new 1.6-litre CDTi adds some zest in terms of engine, althoug more work needs to be done in terms of handling and visibility if Vauxhall are to create a truly class leading vehicle.

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07-October-2014 New VAUXHALL MOKKA Deals(1.7 CDTi SE 5d Auto)
I have been very pleased with this vehicle, love the driving position, only thing to mention is the engine is quite noisey, however given all the good points this is outweighed

07-September-2014 New VAUXHALL MOKKA Deals(1.7 CDTi SE 5d 4WD)
I wanted a cost effective 4WD car that was fun to drive, and the Mokka ticks all the boxes.

25-March-2014 New VAUXHALL MOKKA Deals(1.4T Tech Line 5d 4WD)
A great looking car that drives well too, lots of gadgets and plenty of room inside. So pleased I chose this car as it stands out from the crowd. I have the 1.4T 4x4 Techline version. I'm not disappointed with my selection.

The small SUV market has become a competitive place, especially since demand in this new segment has steadily increased over the years. The Vauxhall Mokka takes its place among some impressive vehicles, and even though it’s got some plus points, there is little to make it stand out from the crowd.

Let’s start with the Mokka’s better points. Firstly, the Mokka looks nice. Although not hyper-stylish, the Mokka’s chunky body gives an impression of big vehicle – something that most buyers in this area find desirable. The interior is also to a fairly high standard and cabin space is above average. There’s plenty of room for five adults with good headroom. The extra space means that the ride is comfortable enough, and aided by soft suspension.

Trim quality is fairly standard but the Mokka does come complete with most of the expected interior accessories. The entry level Exclusiv includes a DAB digital radio, climate control, automatic headlights and dual-zone climate control. The Tech line comes with built in sat-nav as extra. The top of the range SE doesn’t comes with nicer trimmings but nothing extra in terms of functionality.

The boot is around 356-litres – the biggest in its class and a full 105-litres more than the Nissan Juke. Only the MINI Countryman gets close to this size with 350-litres. However, pit it up against the Yeti and the Mokka pales in comparison to the 416-litres. Ok, the Yeti is a bigger car but it’s still an SUV competing in and around the same market.

New engines have been added to the previously poor line up which means that engine options are ok. The new 1.6-litre CDTi is now the best engine on offer, has good power at 134bhp and is fairly economical with average fuel consumption of 68.9mpg. This is an improvement on the previous best engine on offer with the Mokka, the 1.7-litre which had figures of 62.8mpg. The new ecoFlex engine is also better for the environment by some 11g/km (109g/km).

Petrol engines are not recommended unless you want to use the car for short distance stints. The 1.4-litre runs at 44.1mpg, and puts out 149g/km. There is also the four-wheel drive option, not bad on hills but pushed economy and environment figures in the wrong direction. The Mokka is already comparable expensive, so all should be done to limit running costs.

Steering is assisted electronically, which makes for fairly relaxed corner, even though there’s huge amounts of body roll. A little tedious to start off with. Acclimatising to the speed and angles of cornering is one thing, getting past blind-spots created by wide A-pillars is another – the Mokka asks a lot in terms of driver adaptability and intuition. Neither do the manual and automatic gearboxes help much, both are sluggish and offer very little control.

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