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Buying a property to let is becoming a very popular proposition nowadays. Property purchase is an excellent way to make a capital gain over the long term. You can also make a profit from the healthy rental yields achievable in today's market.

To the right are some mortgage products for a cheap buy to let mortgage facility giving you an indication of what is available on the market place at present. 

Property has been one of the few growth opportunities made available by our vibrant property market and has been encouraged by low interest rates, so use the mortgage calculator or contact us to find out more!

It should be noted that we are assuming that the property market will continue to achieve capital value in the medium to long term and that interest rates remain relatively low. This is not a guarantee as interest rates can rise and property prices have been known to reduce in value. You should also ensure competitive rental yields are available in the area you decide to purchase your property to ensure a healthy profit over the mortgage monthly payments.

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