Vehicle Replacement Insurance is Available for: New cars where you are the first registered owner, with and without finance

The payout in combination with the settlement from your motor insurer would give you: the value of an equivalent brand new car at time of claim (subject to maximum claim limit selected). This is similar to RTI, but allows for increasing car prices.

Useful if you are concerned you could not afford to replace your car with another brand new car.

Notes of Caution

GAP won't cover amounts deducted by your motor insurer. Eg deductions for unpaid premiums, salvage value or contributory negligence. any non-standard extras added after you bought the car, eg speakers, satnav.

Check the GAP policy regarding dealer fitted accessories Warranty charges, insurance premiums, road fund licence and any other warranty or add-on in most cases.

GAP only covers the difference between the market value and the insured amount. If your motor insurer offers you less than the market value of the car, and you accept, the GAP insurer won't make up the difference. (You must contact your GAP insurer as soon as possible before you agree any settlement with your motor insurer. However the the payout will not usually be made until your motor insurer has settled in full.)

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