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Date Launched 16/03/2013
Review Date 09/02/2009
4.3 - based on 13 reviews
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Advantages: Comfortable environ, enormous interior and boot, clean and clear-cut instrumentation assembly and layout, excellent build quality, very affordable, cheap to run, strong residuals

Disadvantages: It’s a VW Golf in bigger boned drag, occasionally rachety diesel units, intrusive wind noise in transit, 1.4-litre a tad wheezy

Summary: On the back of a raft of industry awards, Skoda has distanced itself from those long-running jokes which dogged its perceived image over many years, and yet again ups the bar with the new Octavia. A family saloon that will keep you motoring for ever and a day in the realms of comfort, economy and ease of mind, providing you by-pass the ineffectual 1.4-litre petrol and don’t mention the ‘Golf’ thing. Absolute bargain of a car with the quality that one expects to find in an executive vehicle.

(12) AutoeBid customer SKODA OCTAVIA Reviews:
19-May-2015 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals (2.0 TDI CR Scout 4x4 5d)
My previous car was a BMW 3 series and this compares very favourably. The Scout is brilliant - it rides like a small Range Rover, the driving position is just right, and it's quieter than the BMW. The only niggle is a thrum from the back at 80 mph - almost sounds like some axle noise, which I didn't expect. And it has real off road capability (I fish in remote places) - clearly it's not meant to match a Land Rover but it's certainly a "go manywhere" car. Rating, 4.5 star, I'd give it 5 if it wasn't for the rear end thrumming noise.

20-May-2014 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals (1.6 TDI CR Elegance 5d)
Too soon to write a definitive review - we have only driven it 200 miles! Early impressions are very favourable.

05-March-2014 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals (1.4 TSI SE 5d)
Bought the SE 1.4 litre petrol version (estate) in January and am so far very pleased with it. The engine is very quiet and smooth, and gives the whole ride a very expensive feel. Good level of equipment and masses of space. So far, seems to be pretty economical too (I do lots of short journeys in town, hence the petrol choice). I'm no expert in these things, but I think it's a very nice family car. The body styling on the new version looks a lot better too than the old (and it's a bit bigger)!

09-March-2014 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals (2.0 TDI CR Elegance 5d)
Only just received but so far very happy. It seems a little slow off the mark for an 8 second car but this could be because it needs to be run in.

05-February-2014 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals (1.6 TDI CR Elegance 5d DSG)
It's no passion wagon but it sips fuel, great ride comfort and has a lot of safety kit.

21-April-2013 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals (2.0 TDI CR Elegance 5d)
Early days, but perfectly happy with the car so far.

10-January-2013 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals (1.4 TSI S 5d DSG)
Very pleased with the car. drives beautifully.

03-May-2012 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals (1.8 TSI Laurin Plus Klement 5d DSG)
Not yet delivered

16-September-2011 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals (1.6 TDI CR GreenLine II 5d)
Excellent car, very economical,spacious and responsive. One feature you need to be aware of is once you shut the boot it self-locks so there is a chance of you locking yourself out of your car

30-January-2012 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals (2.0 TDI CR Elegance 5d DSG)
Octavia Elegance1.6 tdi,Estate, DSG,DPF,I Read all about lack of power and hesitancy when slotting into roundabouts etcetera,forget that,this is a pokey little diesel,my only concern is about the dpf which has bad press,my mileage is mostly urban and i'm worried that the dpf unit will clog up,contemplating taking it for a ten mile sprint up a local m'way every Saturday which will defeat the decision of going for diesel economy.That bridge will have to be crossed when I get there,and in the meantime I am delighted with my purchase from the point of car quality and the level of service from Autoebid and the dealer.

03-August-2011 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals (1.6 TDI CR GreenLine II 5d)
Average 65 mpg so far, still to do a second fill. The 8-speaker sound system isn't quite as strong as I hoped but the boot is huge and no complaints from passengers on the first long trips. Power is there if you don't mind the effect on mpg. Controls are good, rake and reach essential to get the best steering position. Some road noise, minimal noise from the engine. I am enjoying driving the car, and feel less guilty about the environment.

08-July-2010 New SKODA OCTAVIA Deals (2.0T FSI vRS 5d DSG)
This is one classy motor.
Ok, hitch up the skirts and we all know that you’ll expose cleanly defined Volkswagen Golf ankles, yet the more masculine Skoda Octavia is so much more than an automotive transvestite with identity issues. Over successive generations it’s grown into – and is more than comfortable enough - its own skin, despite owing the Golf for its original confidence boost in the eyes of a suspect audience.

Today the new Skoda Octavia – although still not quite standing wholly on its own four feet – wants to be judged on its own merits, despite its unshakeable Golf connection; a relationship that sees the Octavia’s six engine line-up more or less mirroring that of the VW Golf. Equally divided between the three petrols and three diesels, a bronchial naturally aspirated 1.4-litre kicks things off (if only), followed up by a 1.4-litre and 1.8-litre turbo that at least can hold their own in the outside lane. A 1.9-litre TDI and a brace of 2.0-litre TDI derv-drinkers make up the diesel contingent.

There are four trim levels to be specced in the Octavia, starting with the S and SE and building up to the crescendo-like Elegance and Laurin & Klement.

The benefits of setting out your Octavia stall on Golf trestle tables are never more evident than when the question of handling is posed. With grace and aplomb being the definitive answer. Agility, poise and a spirited athleticism makes a mockery of but the most dangerous of road conditions, with only the steering failing to keep up the Golf appearances.

The honest Czech manufacturer has made great strides in tightening up on the refinement element, yet drivers and occupants may still feel short changed (a new emotion for Skoda buyers) by the occasionally vociferous engines and the wind’s wholehearted attempts to break the interior silence around the front windows.

Whilst inside you cant help but notice the fit and finish which should make other so-called more premium cars feel slightly flushed of face, as Skoda certainly hasn’t scrimped on infusing and instilling the cabin with a high moral code of material, trim and fabric conduct. There’s no mistaking that the Octavia is a relaxing, enveloping place in which to hole up for any given passing of automotive journeying time.

The Octavia driver really is subjected to the sort of heavy petting that would be banned in public baths, never better illustrated than in the myriad of seat and steering wheel adjustments that pander to their every whim. Great peripheral vision as well as the un-blinkered type is afforded the driver too, and the refreshing logic of the dashboard won’t be lost on those who freeze when faced with some of the plain bonkers layouts championed by some mass car manufacturers in this day and space age.

Whether fans of food or not, all manner of occupants will revel in the head, knee bingo-wing space at their disposal, with six-footers amply cosseted in the rear pews, while the trunk is immense.

All the Octavia range is turned out in twin front and side airbags, with side curtain airbags as an optional extra. EBD is also included in the start price, however electronic stability control is extra curricular on most versions. In terms of equipment levels, the base model S packs climate and electric windows, with alloys, a 6-CD multi-changer and rear electric windows mark out the SE territory. Elsewhere, and the Elegance is home to dual-zone climate, rear parking sensors and cruise, while the top-ranging Laurin & Klement adds leather and xenon headlamps into the bargain.

Discounts on Octavias through AutoeBid are naturally for UK cars which are UK main dealer supplied with the full 3 year warranty, so you can get a bargain price on a car that's already an absolute bargain!

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Model RRP Target Bought at Savings  
OCTAVIA 1.6 TDI CR S 5d£15,280£12,739£10,829£4,451Details
OCTAVIA 2.0TDI PD Sport Estate 5d 1968cc£18,110£15,388£14,545£3,565Details
OCTAVIA 1.8 vRS Estate 5d 1781cc£14,970£12,956£12,348£2,622Details
OCTAVIA 1.6 TDI CR GreenLine II 5d£17,875£14,932£14,338£3,537Details
OCTAVIA HATCHBACK 1.6 FSI Elegance 5d£14,070£12,182£11,650£2,420Details

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