Finding cheap insurance cover for learner drivers or young drivers can be difficult. We have partnered with Marmelade, to offer innovative insurance products. For new drivers either a top-up policy for an existing car to get them through the test or a 12-month policy that covers them both before and after passing the test are available.

Learner Driver Insurance

For parents adding a provisional driver to their policy, cover for 30 to 90 days is available. The product tops up existing motor insurance to cover the learner driving under supervision. Cover is for a specified car that is already insured by the owner, up to insurance group 32 and up to a £30k valuation. Pricing starts below £80 for 30 day cover dependant on location.

New Driver Insurance

For new drivers or young drivers, a 12-month policy is available, which can include the period under driver instruction. Premiums vary by age, location and vehicle and require installation of a black box to track insurance risk. Premiums can be as low as £900 but are typically £1,000 - £2,000 for 12 months cover. Learner drivers are restricted to cars under 1.4l and under 9 years old.

Cars For Young Drivers

The third product offered is a new car with 12 months free insurance. A variety of vehicles are available from a number of manufacturers. The product offers an easy way to pick a car that is suitable for new drivers.

Buy a new car through Autoebid

Alternately you can buy a car through one of AutoeBid's dealers and then buy insurance separately.

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