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Advantages: Excellent cabin size, good practicality and first-rate safety.

A hugely successful large MPV. SEAT have managed to cram Volkswagen technology into an affordable vehicle. Success all round, but especially in regard to cabin space, practicality, and safety. New engines and styling keep the Alhambra fresh and ahead of the game in this segment.

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26-April-2015 New Deals (2.0 TDI CR Ecomotive SE Lux 5d)
5 stars so far
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Advantages: Very practical, affordable and efficient.

Nissan took their time in releasing a middle-sized family car to fill the void left by the Almera, but the results are near excellent. The Pulsar is very reliable, practical and well-proportioned car, but donít expect too much fun out of it.

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Advantages: Competitively priced, good standard kit options.

Now in its 52 year, the Viva is a decent little car, with good practicality and standard options. Low prices should guarantee sales but donít expect a class-leading vehicle.

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Advantages: Class leader in refinement and comfort, and good on economy and practicality.

The Citan is Mercedes first foray into the small van market. Based on the Renault Kangoo, the Citan shows marked improvements, especially in terms of refinement and storage space intelligence. Engine choices have been improved and still offer good service and economy.

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Advantages: Impressive new engine additions

The Renault Scenic was a game-changer, however it has since lost ground to main rivals who have muscled in on its territory. The Scenic XMod brings a good choice of engines and some added drivability, however it does little to narrow the gap.

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Advantages: Good on practicality and looks.

The Mokka is a good car without excelling in any area apart from practicality. The new 1.6-litre CDTi adds some zest in terms of engine, althoug more work needs to be done in terms of handling and visibility if Vauxhall are to create a truly class leading vehicle.

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07-October-2014 New Deals (1.7 CDTi SE 5d Auto)
I have been very pleased with this vehicle, love the driving position, only thing to mention is the engine is quite noisey, however given all the good points this is outweighed
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Advantages: Comfortable ride and good space.

Most fashion conscious convertible seekers wonít even batter an eyelid at the Vauxhall Casada. Not because it doesnít look good, because the Cascada is actually quite a decent looking car, but because it might not carry the same aura as an Audi or BMW. Vauxhall would have needed to have produced something special to break the almost magical hold that badge has in this category.

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Advantages: Huge amount of options in regard to styling and builds on previous versions of the Adam.

The Vauxhall Adam is very appealing, especially because of the range of options on offer in terms of styling and interior. The drive, however, is not quite up to the same adaptability. An improvement, but Vauxhall will have to go a lot further to really make their mark on the small-mini segment.

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Advantages: Brilliant to drive and very practical. The best little van out there.

Ford have stepped back into the small transit foray with a bang. The Ford Transit Courier is excellent to drive, looks nice and can carry a load along with the best of them.

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Advantages: The additions are slight but very practical. Still a brilliant car to drive.

The Skoda Yeti is hugely popular for very good reasons including practicality, space, and a surprisingly good drive. The Outdoor is a good addition to the family, is more robust and reasonably priced for a 4x4.

(1) AutoeBid customer SKODA YETI OUTDOOR review
03-February-2015 New Deals (1.2 TSI Elegance 5d DSG)
I am extremely pleased with the Yeti. However,the instruction book is a bit of a nightmare
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AUDI TT photo

Advantages: Lots of power and superb interior. Oozes quality.

The Audi TT is an icon, and a car that keeps on improving with each release. Better tech, same excellent handling, hard to find a better sports-car.

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03-June-2013 New Deals (1.8T FSI Sport 2d [2011])
I would rate my car 5star. delighted so far.
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Advantages: Excellent space, good comfort, and decent engine choices and still relatively well priced. Winner overall.

The new generation of Octavia looks to build on Skodaís success of making excellently priced large hatchbacks with a lot of family appeal. This model is slightly bigger than previous ones, with a touch more refinement and comfort. Slightly new emphasis, same practical, excellent results.

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29-June-2015 New Deals (2.0 TSI vRS 5d)
This is my second vrs - the first was a diesel this time I opted for the petrol. Every bit as good, indeed even better. Very quiet and refined for the most part but the lurking 'beast' requires only a quick dab on the accelerator pedal . Highly recommended if you want a comfortable, incredibly spacious family car that has that extra bit of excitement if you want to use it.
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VOLVO XC90 photo

Advantages: Refined, classy and comfortable. Volvo have made a huge step forward SUV category.

A lesson in refinement, delicate thoughts and practicality. Volvo have taken huge strides in the SUV segment with the XC90.

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30-January-2012 New Deals (2.4 D5 [200] R DESIGN 5d Geartronic)
Four Stars. Originally we were looking at the XC60 as my wife was pregnant with our third child. Turns out it was twins and XC90 was the only car capable of carrying all of us and the paraphernalia that goes with a large family. Car doing everything that we ask of it and so far we are well pleased. I expect that Volvo will launch a new model in the next 24 months with hopefully better fuel economy than the 27mpg we are getting now. On motor way runs fully laden we are getting 32mpg which when you consider public transport costs for all six of us then it's a no brainer.
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Advantages: As much fun as you will have in a hot hatch, especially the ST model. Looks nice and diesel models are cheap to run.

Although it is up against some stiff competition, Ford have again produced another world beating car in this price segment. Ford Fiestas have always been fun to drive, with the 2015 model building on this reputation with extra refinement in terms of interior and decent in car tech.

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21-February-2015 New Deals (1.0 EcoBoost Titanium X 5d)
Great car, looks and feels amazing.
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Advantages: Super practical, economical and safe. Ticks all the right boxes.

Great car from Citroen. Well thought out and does everything that a seven seater should do. Itís practical, safe, and economically brilliant. The back seats move around independently allowing for an excellent range of options in terms of spacing and the range of engine and styling options are equally diverse.

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AUDI Q5 photo

Advantages: An elegant crossover with bags full of performance including quick shifting. Comfort also top-grade.

The Audi Q5 is an elegant crossover with excellent comfort and style. It oozes class and has a type of refined performance that is expected of Audi, making driving a pleasurable, luxurious experience.

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05-February-2013 New Deals (2.0 TDI Quattro S Line 5d)
So far we are very impressed with the ride, handling, pace and economy. A great all round car. Looking forward to the first long distance drive.