Brand New 2019 Abarth 695 Hatch uk deals

Compare brand new 2019 Abarth 695 Hatch prices and PCP deals with an average saving of £2784 from our dealers. Our 2019 Abarth 695 Hatch deals are quoted fully inclusive (On The Road) and include all fees, avoiding any nasty surprises. Abarth manufactures 2 model variants.

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Trans Fuel Engine Door CC PS CO2 List
Manual Petrol 1.4T-Jet 180 3 1.4 183 158 £23895 Save £2725
Auto Petrol 1.4T-Jet 180 3 1.4 183 156 £25245 Save £2844

You might need to be sitting down with a warm drink to hand when we get to the price. It's around £33,000. You might either view that as a hilarious amount to be asking for a hotted-up Fiat 500 or alternatively, not a bad deal for a machine that can keep some really serious sports cars honest.

We're leaning to the latter view. The 695 biposto will be huge fun on a track day and besides, when you start fitting lightweight seats, harnesses, big brakes and other lightweight parts to a cheaper hot Hatch, the sums soon mount up.

Here it's all done for you. All you have to do is foot the initial bill and then you're good to go. After all, what is comparable? A Renault Megane 265 would be the closest thing in terms of focus, but the 695 biposto is perhaps closer to that car's predecessor, the aggressive Megane R26.R replete with rollcage and plastic windows.

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