Citroen background and Citroen deals news

Citroen sold 229,174 cars in the UK last year, making it the 10th most popular manufacturer. Their best-selling model is the C3, with over 25,258 cars registered. A frequent choice for Citroen C3 buyers in 2016 is the Picasso Exclusive HDI.

Peugeot Citroën (PSA) currently employs a wide range of environmental technologies including diesel-hybrid and electric powertrains on a number of models, and have also committed to downsizing – with their family of three-cylinder petrol engines.

PSA has invested significant resources into the recyclability of its cars, and the company’s supply chain is also put under scrutiny, with lorry drivers receiving training on fuel-efficient driving in modern machinery.

Early in 2013, PSA unveiled Hybrid Air – a powertrain that uses petrol and compressed air to increase vehicle efficiency and reduce ownership costs. With the potential for all-electric driving in urban areas and carbon dioxide emissions that can be lower than 70g/km at higher speeds, Hybrid Air is one of the most exciting automotive environmental innovations of this decade.