Brand New 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLS uk deals

Compare brand new 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLS prices and PCP deals with an average saving of £385 from our dealers. Our 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLS deals are quoted fully inclusive (On The Road) and include all fees, avoiding any nasty surprises. Mercedes-Benz manufactures 5 model variants.

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Trans Fuel Engine Door CC PS CO2 List
SpdS TCT Petrol MHEV 4.0 V8 MHEV BiT 634 SS 5 4.0 632 291 £140595 Save £0
G-Tronic Diesel 2.9d 330 SS 5 2.9 330 229 £88500 Save £916
G-Tronic Diesel 2.9d 330 SS 5 2.9 330 230 £96750 Save £1007
G-Tronic Petrol MHEV 4.0 V8 MHEV 579 SS 5 4.0 579 304 £170755 Save £0
G-Tronic Petrol MHEV 4.0 V8 MHEV 579 SS 5 4.0 579 304 £177505 Save £0
Full length Mercedes GLS video review with market value analysis

Buying a GLS is pretty straightforward. Though there's a wild V8 petrol GL63 Mercedes-AMG model requiring a huge budget, almost all customers will want the more sensible GLS 400d Diesel variant that you can expect to be priced in the £74,000 bracket.

We haven't space here to list all the standard features - there are a vast number. And of course you get considerable multimedia capability, courtesy of the brand's latest 'MBUX' ('Mercedes-Benz User Experience').

This allows intuitive operation of different comfort and MBUX functions by movement recognition via a camera in the overhead console that registers movements of the driver's and front passenger's hands and arms.

When a hand approaches the touchscreen or the touchpad on the centre console, the media display changes and individual elements are highlighted. A unique feature of MBUX is its ability to anticipate what the user would like next, for example.

For instance, anyone who often telephones their mother on Tuesdays during the journey home will receive her telephone number as a suggestion in the display on this day of the week. Anyone who regularly switches over to a radio station with news at a certain time also receives this as a suggestion.

Our favourite standard feature though, is the Carwash function - which should come in very handy for a large vehicle like the GLS. When this function is selected, the suspension moves to the highest position, which reduces the track widths due to the axle geometry.

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