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Compare brand new 2019 Peugeot iOn prices and PCP deals with an average saving of £3843 from our dealers. Our 2019 Peugeot iOn deals are quoted fully inclusive (On The Road) and include all fees, avoiding any nasty surprises. Peugeot manufactures 1 model variants.

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CVT Electric 0.0Elec 64 5 0.0 65 0 £20534 Save £3843
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Peugeot iON

You can talk about 'buying' an iOn but the truth is that almost no one does. The few still considering outright purchase will be pleased to find that the total asking price has fallen hugely since launch.

Helped by a £5,000 government grant, you'll be paying just over £21,000 - and you could pay that for a conventional Audi A1 Sportback supermini. Nearly all iON buyers won't be bothering themselves with that kind of calculation though, preferring instead to go the contract hire route.

Here too, iON ownership is now more affordable, with rates at around £249 a month (over three years) that aren't much different to what you'd pay for any well specified supermini.

Go the contract hire route and your deal will include the lease of the vehicle (the battery pack is considered part of it), full warranty cover, battery and Electric power train for the period of the lease, full servicing and full maintenance for three years and use of Peugeot Connect Services.

This includes PC or smartphone access to information about battery charging locations, and more detailed information about the car's battery charging status. In addition, Peugeot's Mu mobility service offers access to alternative vehicles that could be used for, say, one-off trips requiring a longer range than the iOn can provide.

There's also a special version of the Peugeot Connect rescue service tailored for Electric vehicles which obviously includes the instance of flat batteries.

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