Vauxhall background and Vauxhall deals news

There were over one million new Vauxhalls sold in the UK last year. This makes it the 2nd best-selling car brand in the UK, behind Ford who are in 1st place. Their most popular model is the Corsa, with over 75,176 DVLA registrations. The Corsa should continue to be Vauxhall’s top-selling car throughout 2016 due to its fuel efficiency and value for money.

As part of GM, Vauxhall has access to all the research and development technology from its parent company. GM has invested large sums in the development of fuel cell technology and hybrid technology, evidenced by many concept cars under different subsidiary flags. Vauxhall itself has a commendable environmental policy - it aims to reduce the use of raw materials and encourages recycling; it is active in the control and reduction of waste; it trains employees to be more environmentally conscious and actively seeks to prevent, control and reduce pollution (even including noise pollution) wherever possible.

Vauxhall’s UK manufacturing sites at Luton and Ellesmere hold ISO 14001 certification, whilst in 2011 the company received recognition from the Energy Efficiency Accreditation Scheme for cutting the energy needed to produce an Astra by 50% from 2003. Waste to landfill per vehicle for the Luton plant had been reduced to 1kg in 2011 from 14kg in 2007, and the company’s corporate HQ is landfill-free.