Used car auctions

Used car auctions have long existed in the motor industry and thousands of used cars are sold this way every year. These do ensure an immediate sale and could get a reasonable price for any car, close to the trade price. But they are normally used by businesses disposing of fleet or rental cars, vehicles taken in part-exchange and similar. Most private customers feel reluctant to commit their car to these auctions and stand to pay an auction fee regardless of the result. In addition, many trade buyers are reluctant to purchase cars placed in auctions as they are unsure of the sellers credentials.

Our customers have asked us why they could not sell their existing car on-line to one of the thousands of dealers registered with Auto eBid. We have therefore launched a service under "Selling to the trade", this service broadcasts your details to hundreds of trade only used car buyers.

Other online used car auctions are available however most buyers are consumers and inevitably they change their minds and therefore selling directly to the trade avoids these issues.

You can view some of the used car for sale through our service by clicking the following link, if you are a trade buyer you can log into your account and also view contact and further details on every car.

Selling your car immediately

To be able to sell your car immediately you will have to sell to the trade. This can be easily achieved by selling to one or our trade buyers registered on our "broadcast" service or one of the on-line car buying services.

Broadcast my car details for sale - FREE

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